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Synonyms for toughened

physically toughened

made hard or flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment

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Cracks and breakages can be dangerous, especially if you're not using toughened glass.
Table 6: World 9-Year Perspective for Toughened Display Cover
Gyari -- Chief of the Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that India has toughened its stance on Siachen issue.
YOU'D wonder, wouldn't you, how an apparently innocuous piece of toughened cardboard could fill me with dread.
Washington, Aug 21 (ANI): Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie has revealed that she enjoyed her role in action film 'Salt' because it toughened her up.
He covers chemistry, properties, and applications; epoxy resins; toughened thermoset resins; toughened epoxy resins; and thermoset composites and nanocomposites.
Thermal and water absorption behavior of hybrid CMDI toughened epoxy nanocomposites.
A CHILDMINDER who lives next door to a rugby pitch in Coventry thought she had paid for toughened glass in her new windows - only to discover none had been fitted.
The law, which was revised in December 2006, toughened penalties for violators in January as a first step.
Milnsbridge-based Specialist Glass Products has bought new machinery enabling it to manufacture toughened glass - complementing existing equipment to bend, curve and laminate glass.
A number of factors can contribute to the failure of toughened polymer when impact occurs.
Instead, a sheet of toughened glass set at an angle is all that separates visitor from void.
TOUGHENED tumblers hurt more bar staff than the glasses they will replace in Scots clubs.
Previously, users of toughened nylon were forced to make a tradeoff between processability and aesthetics.
Unfilled versions of the toughened nylon 6 provide notched Izod impact of 16 ft-lb/inch, which, Clariant says, is much higher than that of standard modified nylon 6.