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Synonyms for tough-minded

Synonyms for tough-minded

facing facts or difficulties realistically and with determination

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It is worth every bit of our effort to bring that tough-mindedness and creativity to help them succeed.
These traits are associated with high elevations on the tough-mindedness factor of the P scale.
Kirkpatrick probably deserved this title more than many others because of the practical tough-mindedness that she brought to her thinking on ideology and foreign policy.
Other second-order factors of the 16PF that correlated positively with all factors of the CVARS were extraversion, tough-mindedness, and independence.
Tough-mindedness was replaced by meanness and greed.
From his redoubtable father, Zachary Macaulay--statistician, veteran antislavery activist, and erstwhile governor of Sierra Leone--he inherited evangelical fervor, an exalted conception of duty, and at the same time an 18th-century tough-mindedness that precluded such vague pious uplift as Woodrow Wilson subsequently taught the world.
I concluded that backwardness in knowledge does not only produce economic backwardness, but leads to the decline of the spirit of initiative, tough-mindedness and energy.
The result is that Run lacks the dramatic tension and tough-mindedness that might have turned a promising novel into a fine one.
Perhaps this book's finest quality is the balance it strikes between tough-mindedness, where respect for others' lives and stories is concerned, and flexibility, where there are opportunities for connection, inclusion, or dialogue.
Consistent with Duckitt (2001), structural equation modeling indicated that social conformity predicted dangerous world beliefs, which in turn predicted Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA), whereas tough-mindedness predicted competitive world beliefs, which in turn predicted Social Dominance Orientation (SDO).
But, despite his claims of tough-mindedness, not only are Alperovitz's ideas far from authentic large-scale adoption; he is also too often willing to downplay their complex and sometimes quite disappointing results.
The information profession personality inventory consisted of 101 questions measuring 13 scales: adaptability, assertiveness, autonomy conscientiousness, customer service, emotional stability, extraversion, openness, optimism, teamwork, tough-mindedness, visionary work style, and work drive.
Bush's tough-mindedness is not the same thing as saying his policies are sound, Sestanovich observes.
We're also talking to and with the burnt-out leaders who seek to balance work and life, results and meaning, tough-mindedness and warm-heartedness.