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Synonyms for tough-minded

Synonyms for tough-minded

facing facts or difficulties realistically and with determination

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That very same tough-mindedness must be applied to foreign policy.
They should be reshaped to produce a new generation with the tough-mindedness and energy which could protect the rights of the nation.
Perhaps this book's finest quality is the balance it strikes between tough-mindedness, where respect for others' lives and stories is concerned, and flexibility, where there are opportunities for connection, inclusion, or dialogue.
The information profession personality inventory consisted of 101 questions measuring 13 scales: adaptability, assertiveness, autonomy conscientiousness, customer service, emotional stability, extraversion, openness, optimism, teamwork, tough-mindedness, visionary work style, and work drive.
We're also talking to and with the burnt-out leaders who seek to balance work and life, results and meaning, tough-mindedness and warm-heartedness.
Someone who has the requisite integrity, clear-headedness, and tough-mindedness will have the necessary ingredients to act and be comfortably firm (to recall one of the meanings of traust) while respecting differences of opinion and perspective, even when the issues are particularly complex, the ultimate best interests of shareholders are illusive, pressures to act one way or another are vigorous, and time is running out.
This is a far cry from the tough-mindedness of the "educationists" (More's sneer) of the progressive American university.
Numerous New York and Paris shows have followed, but only in past decade has the art world seemed to catch up with the artist's crazed tough-mindedness.
His book contained truisms like "there is no medicine for pride, for the cause rests deep inside"; there were also sayings written with a skeptic's tough-mindedness (despite his being a religious man) that question the capacity to make righteous judgments if a man "follows the letter of the law.
Wilson presents him as a rugged individualist who combined a passionate heart with a singular tough-mindedness.
These programs will inevitably be short-lived, even if they are enforced with the tough-mindedness of the rulers of Singapore.
His father was the acquisitor and empire builder and those twin rules demand a degree of tough-mindedness.
Lake bowed out after a twice-postponed and never-completed three-day confirmation hearing in which Republicans on the Intelligence Committee questioned his integrity, his politics and his tough-mindedness.
Peer evaluation is the true test of both tough-mindedness and commitment to the idea of virtual organizations, because more people object to peer evaluations than to any other part of this approach.