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Synonyms for tough-minded

Synonyms for tough-minded

facing facts or difficulties realistically and with determination

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The collection "is tough-minded and depressing, not just because it describes his suffering but because it predicts ours" (Wall Street Journal), showing a man careening headlong, unapologetic, into the abyss.
If only Nixon could go to China, perhaps only a pope known as a tough-minded traditionalist can finally tackle celibacy.
Of course, "They will know we are Christians by our love," and sometimes it takes a tough-minded and humble love to confront these things on a local or provincial level.
Underneath its push-pull battle between Queen Elizabeth's out-of-time, stiff-upper-lip old guard attitude and Tony Blair's misty-eyed emotiveness, ``The Queen'' is a smart and tough-minded skewering of the House of Windsor as well as an examination of the primacy of image over substance.
He is especially convincing as the tough-minded Frita Wilson.
He explains the importance of tough-minded accountability, assesses the federal role in school leadership, and calls for reforms that broaden the range of individuals considered for teaching or administrative posts.
Macedo's tough-minded liberal agenda for civic education offers a fundamental challenge to free market libertarians, the religious right, parental rights activists, postmodernists, and many of those who call themselves multiculturalists.
1] Still, much of our discussion was, in fact, riveting, maybe even more so than the first time I taught the course to like-minded, tough-minded urban sophisticates such as myself.
But the emergence of the Communist Party of Brazil, with its initial tough-minded revolutionism and ties to the Soviet state shifted the balance towards the socialists.
Reminiscent of early Pasolini, this spare and tough-minded film chronicles the coming of age of a young Italian man of Albanian parentage who helps his father smuggle Albanians into Italy.
That's not to say that we're not going be just as tough-minded as any other reviewer.
Arnott also credits out director Billie Eltringham (This Is Not a Love Song) for her skill in guiding the men and keeping the women just as tough-minded.
But pragmatism as James presented it was very much a philosophy for the tough-minded, the manly, as opposed to optimistic rationalists with tender temperaments.
But even if we posit with Harris that faith is itself "the enemy," then it behooves any tough-minded strategist to know tile enemy.
Dope enough that Ruff Ryders Records, known for tough-minded acts like DMX and Eve, cannily defied its street-reality formulas, signing the first major label Asian-American solo rapper in a predominantly black industry.