tough luck

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Well, tough luck for both of you, because your convictions are reported prominently in today's news pages and this will make your lives even harder.
But that was very tough luck on Coleshill's Attiq-Ur-Rehman who had hit a cultured 128 out of his own side's 297 for six.
But Chepstow Conservative Club committee member Pam Challoner said getting clamped is tough luck.
The fact that Del Piero compounded the referee's error by adding an 81st- minute second was tough luck on a United side which has now played three Group E games but is yet to score a goal or pick up a point.
Tough luck on the careers of soldiers prepared to die for their country.
Tough luck, you might think, then realise that childhood's resilience will help her settle down quickly enough.
If you're suspended, you're suspended' in other words, tough luck.
He claims in one letter: "I'm no' a psycho, I just take no s***, so tough luck.
So good night to ``Good Night'' and tough luck to ``Capote'' and his ``Brokeback Mountain'' buddies and to dismal ``Munich'' ``Crash'' and to ``Transamerica'' and ``Syrianad'' deaths at the starting gate.
It was tough luck on Shrewsbury, who had created plenty of chances.
It was tough luck on the Welsh outfit, who supplied the most adventurous player on view in Adrian Forbes.
It was tough luck on shotstopper de Goey, who had kept Cardiff at bay with a series of fine saves throughout the game.
It was tough luck on Exeter, and in particular Matt Oliver, who grabbed the try of the match shortly before half-time.
It was tough luck on Yorkshire, who had made the visitors follow on 223 behind, then had Saturday washed out.