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Synonyms for touched

Synonyms for touched

Synonyms for touched

having come into contact


being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion

slightly insane


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When the door of her room had closed on her he remembered that he had not even touched her hand.
When the first light of the rising moon touched the sail, illuminating the boat with pearly radiance, Ruth moved away from him.
His voice sank, his fingers touched the strings more and more feebly as he approached the last lines.
Then she wandered into another room and touched a china lamb, thinking it might be one of the children she sought.
Sir Joseph looked up briskly; his sister had accidentally touched on an old association.
At the same moment Natalie laid down her knife and softly touched Launce under the table.
Natalie laid down her knife again, and again touched Launce under the table.
They may well be angry, for it is all Lombard Street to a china orange that the School-house kick a goal with the ball touched in such a good place.
You hardly behave as if your purse had been touched," she said, smilingly.
Then it so happens that I am behaving differently, for my purse and my soul have both been touched.
The loneliness and helplessness of the woman touched me.
Remember that I was young; remember that the hand which touched me was a woman's.
Study after study of our mammal cousins have shown that young animals that are touched a great deal grow more quickly and soundly, develop stronger immune responses, exhibit more playfulness and less fear, tolerate stress better, and have a greater resistance to all sorts of physiological harm.