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(American football) a play in which the opposing team has kicked the football into your end zone

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Kicker Stevan Gostkowski led the league in scoring with 156 points, tied for fifth in touchbacks with 53, and was second in field goal percentage with a franchise-record success rate of .
Because so many kickoffs now result in touchbacks, (22) a study of kickers in the future will likely be quite different from the study we present.
Hocker had 40 touchbacks in 93 kickoffs last season from the 30-yard line.
Schneider, Emerson and Stack all had at least one kickoff in the public showcase at Autzen, but Emerson had the only touchback.
It's the third overall and second straight for Gostkowski, who leads the league in scoring with 147 points and is tied for fifth with 51 touchbacks.
Both Spencer Thielemier and Blake Meier have powerful legs that will force touchbacks on kickoffs and will be placekicking threats in close games.
8 yards on punts, and he has recorded 19 touchbacks on 30 kickoffs.
4 yards per kick with seven touchbacks on 36 kickoffs.
Obviously, the kicker's had a great year -- a lot of touchbacks and he's only had one missed field goal.
The career field goal leader in Ventura County, Mannisto -- who also received offers from Iowa State, Wyoming, Nevada, and Rice -- was an All-Southern Section honoree, with 97 percent of his kickoffs resulting in touchbacks.
Gonzalez was 3-for-4 on field goals and had 16 touchbacks on 19 kickoffs this season.
The intent was to increase the number of touchbacks, which would lead directly to a decrease in injuries -- specifically head injuries with the decline of full-throttle, open-field collisions.
6 yards) and handled kickoffs, with 13 of the 79 going for touchbacks.
Matt Wogan sent most of them deep into the end zone for touchbacks.
The result was an impressive increase in touchbacks (16.