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a version of American football in which the ball carrier is touched rather than tackled

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In its swan song, there was room enough on the NATPE floor for a game of touch football.
For David Lubar, touch football, basketball and kickball are a disaster--then he discovers karate and earns a black belt.
In recent months, games like tag and touch football have been chased off playgrounds and called dangerous and detrimental to emotional and physical health.
Touch Football: Bring a football and separate the family into two teams and play a friendly game of touch football.
Schools across the nation have banned see-saws; handstands; "chasing games," such as touch football and tag; dodgeball; monkey bars; slides; and swings.
He liked the Budweiser spot showing the stadium cards; but didn't like the Clydesdale colt spot, saying the sentimentality made him want to puke, though he didn't hate the "superfan" spot showing the animal football game; He liked the Michelob Ultra Amber touch football spot (as did we); and he didn't like the spate of Bud Light spots (office search for hidden bottles, the grizzly bear encounter, rooftop relaxation and the magic fridge.
The great-great-great-grandma is 150 years old, and she will be as vital as she was when she was 30 and as vital as her 30-year-old great-great-grandson, with whom she's playing touch football.
Harry, her overly protective five older brothers, and her dad refuse to allow her to be killer bait; then again they want her to play touch football at family gatherings, but Kat prefers tackle.
Bipartisan group therapy is out of the question, and the senators are probably too old for an emotion-venting touch football game out on the Capitol Mall (`Sen.
He was a very good teacher and enjoyed volleyball and touch football with us.
Last summer, as many as a dozen boys, most of them black, ranging in age from 12 to 16, made a regular practice of playing a rough form of touch football in the alley behind our home.
I found it hard to disagree; I've always thought child molesters, who have no cure rate, should have their arms and legs cut off and then be used for touch football.
a student injured in a school-sponsored touch football game between seventh and eight-graders was unsuccessful in seeking damages.
Reborn, she was last seen playing touch football and dealing with her big Irish trust issues.
And I also badly injured myself before the game playing touch football (my hamstring is on fire right now).