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come or bring (a plane) to a landing

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Crusaders started the second half perfectly, with Jono Smith shrugging off a couple of tackles to touch down.
But Penrith edged home thanks to two touch downs themselves plus a conversion and a penalty.
The experts said that error had already set in -- the flight path was possibly wrong and the aircraft was at a very high speed -- when the pilot overshot the touch down point at Bajpe Airport and after baulked landing, attempted to take off with throttle on idle.
Summary: The Jonas Brothers say they cannot wait to touch down in the UK.
Earlier, England had beaten South Africa comfortably in the semi final, with Tait again scoring as he ran the length of the field to touch down.
Centre Neil Lewis scorched over for the home side, Duane Luki sliced through for another touch down and No.
From any of these spots, you can touch down, take a short drive to the resort and have a five-iron or a fly rod in your hand within minutes.
Keeping the nose over the knees, the hurdler will touch down on the ball of the foot (very important), with the center of gravity in front of the touch-down foot (Photos 1, 4-6).
It was probably one of the most exciting moments I've had to participate in,'' said NASA employee Joe D'Agostino, who ran out of a Dryden Flight Research Center building at the last minute to watch Columbia touch down.
After a week dominated by the eligibility debacle involving their New Zealand-born players Shane Howarth and Brett Sinkinson, the 23-year-old Williams showed his speed to chase 40 metres after an Allan Bateman kick and touch down just before halftime.
3, when the spacecraft vanished shortly before it was scheduled to touch down on the Red Planet (SN: 12/11/99, p.
Lichfield again chased to touch down right, but failed again to convert.
Wyn Roberts gained the first points when a driving lineout moved the ball forward and the hooker was able to touch down with just two minute son the clock.
On 25 minutes, Andrew Soutar hit back for Caldy as he smashed his way through two tacklers to touch down out wide.
Rishworthians were not finished and came back with forwards Frank Watene and Richard Turner powering through before the ball went wide for Billing to touch down in the corner.