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establish communication with someone

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Regroup with a new chick flick vid, and touch base with your ultra-emo side .
around (in the place of "about"), awesome, ballpark figure, basically, basis ("on a weekly basis" in place of "weekly" and so on), bear with me, between a rock and a hard place, blue sky (thinking), boggles the mind, bottom line, crack troops, diamond geezer (that's a new one to this American who hasn't been in England for years), epicentre (used incorrectly), glass half full (or half empty), going forward, I hear what you're saying, in terms of, it's not rocket science, literally, move the goal-posts, ongoing, prioritise, pushing the envelope, singing from the same hymn sheet, the fact of the matter is, thinking outside the box, to be honest, to be perfectly honest, touch base, up to (in place of "about"), and value-added (in general use).
Over the years, we'd touch base with Sid Gillman from time to time and would never go away without learning something intriguing about the game.
7/10Clinique Touch Base For Eyes: This is so good, your eyeshadow won't move, even in the sea.
Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke briefly by telephone Tuesday to touch base on the Middle East situation, a Japanese Foreign Ministry official said.
Like most people, I congregated with my coworkers around a tiny television that morning, returning to my isolated cubicle only to use the phone to touch base with other significant people in my life.
They often love having them around, especially if their own grandchildren are too far away to touch base on a regular basis.
If I can't get out of the studio, I touch base with producers by phone.
If you know something's missing, touch base with the borrower.
It's very important to have a comfort zone to touch base with our personal sense of sanity and limitations.
One solicitor told the Irish Daily Mirror he had a number of clients touch base with him over the letters.
It is really a courtesy call to touch base with the team there and check that our system is running well and meeting guests' needs.
We're supposed to touch base tomorrow and get it scheduled.