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having the ability to give rise to unlike cells

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In a strict sense, this makes stem cells either totipotent or pleuripotent.
We also believe these entities may not even qualify as "clones": this term implies that they are copies of the cell donor at the same stage of development, but the cell donor was a totipotent embryo at that age.
22) Therefore, embryonic cells that are still part of the inner cell mass are described as totipotent because they can give rise to new organisms, i.
I cannot see any intrinsic morally significant difference between a mature skin cell, the totipotent stem cell derived from it, and a fertilised egg," writes Savulescu.
Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) calls cloned zygotes "asexually produced totipotent cells" and questions whether they are really embryos.
So I suggested that it was best to term the early embryonic cell "potentially totipotent," because that indicates that its ability to become a full-blown embryo is dependent upon an external change that results in a new state of affairs for it.
These protoplasts were totipotent and were able to divide, form callus, and, under the appropriate cultural conditions, initiate plants.
This finding not only identifies a new mechanism that regulates totipotent stem cells, but also reveals the importance of non-coding RNAs in stem cell fate.
Objective: Development of any organism starts with a totipotent cell (zygote).
5,6) The stem cells are also divided into totipotent stem cells (e.
A totipotent cell is a stem cell capable of becoming any cell in the body.
Before the embryo reaches this stage all its cells are equivalent and totipotent, meaning that each cell is capable of giving rise to all embryonic and extraembryonic cell types.
The parthenote's lack of paternal DNA affects genomic imprinting, which means it can never develop into a viable human being and does not contain any totipotent cells.
The research demonstrated that for reasons yet unknown, chimeric animals can only develop from totipotent cells (cells from the early embryo that have the ability to divide and produce all of the differentiated cells in the placenta and the body of organism) in a higher animal model: the rhesus macaque.
Totipotent Relating to the ability of a single cell to differentiate into any cell type, and therefore develop into part of or an entire organism.