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belief in the kinship of a group of people with a common totem

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Research into organizational totemism as an integrative mechanism or a way of reproducing culture should eschew the unitarist approaches found in related areas such as commitment and culture.
It is anachronistic to apply it to Smith's nineteenth-century, bookish, and largely theoretical construct, `primitive' religion: his use of totemism and St Nilus' famous camel (Religion of the Semites, rev.
Ake Hultkrantz, Professor in the Institute of Comparative Religion, University of Stockholm, appears to organize behavior labeled "religious" by classifying observations under a set of themes established within the European academic discipline: mythology, shamanism, owner/master of animals, trickster, culture hero, totemism, quest, High God, and so on.
It is not simply a repetition of totemism because in that form of religion the father is disguised behind the symbol of an animal.
Tylor called animism, or in Emile Durkheim's description of totemism as the germ of that "eminently collective thing" called religion, or in Freud's primordial struggle of the sons against the fathers, or in Jung's "myth-forming structural elements" of the unconscious psyche he called archetypes.
Cassirer insists that all mythic thinking, so characteristic of totemism, is |governed and permeated by this principle'.
Societies involved in totemism, like the Indians of the Americas, do have a "religion," but it is the most primitive type because it entails worshiping trees or wild animals.
On the street, as Lee knows, there is little reasoned argument but a lot of totemism.
Totemism exists in a wide variety of forms and in all parts of the world.
One subtle but very effective way of protecting the environment against degradation, extinction or pollution through the taboos of Shona and Venda society was via the practice of mutupo, totemism.
The Mount Rare Python and His Gold: Totemism and Ecology in the Papua New Guinea Highlands.
For him, the totemism of the Tahitians was an expression that was both religious and social vision, simultaneously.
1987, <<Of Totemism and Ethnicity: Consciousness, Practice and the Signs of Inequality>>, Ethnos, 52, 3-4: 301-323.
And as a substitute for the dead father the sons establish a totem, so that the law of taboo is supplemented by a system of totemism.
The discourse of totemism in the running of the affairs of the nation is captured by Rwafa's reference to himself as " a full-blown bhuru rokwa Nyashanu.