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a tribal emblem consisting of a pillar carved and painted with totemic figures

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The second is Community totem pole created by North-east carver David Gross and the local community in 2006.
Their names appear on our "Hoosier helping Hoosier" totem, which was a great fit for our Indianapolis totem pole, as we were building stronger community partners.
The totem pole, made by the children, is available to view in the library's window.
Jonaitis starts with the story of a Seattle totem pole at Pioneer Square and explores the intriguing history behind the raising of that pole, which includes theft, deceit and arson.
more monument Now the Cornish father and son team behind the totem pole say they "take on board" criticism of the first statue and said that their memorial was more about the time in which Stanley (1841-1904) lived.
The totem pole, at the left of the gazebo, was blessed in an American Indian rite.
It's a mystery to me," Margaret says, `how many people write us, call us (or show up at the front door, unannounced) and say `I've always wanted a totem pole; my mother always wanted a totem pole.
Crafty pupils from Montagu Full Service School, in Cowgate, Newcastle, carved and painted the totem pole as part of an environmental fun day organised by Newcastle's Play and Youth Service yesterday.
We liked Ketchikan,as well -the original home to the Tlinkit tribe where the Totem Pole Museum provided a real insight into the culture and history of native Alaskans.
As a documentary producer you're low on the totem pole at Banff, and you have to work your way through a large crowd of producers and broadcasters.
There's no question that a realigning of the groups on the American totem pole could affect the way politicians and marketers allocate their time and attention," Price tells Raspberry in a March 12 column.
A retired Birmingham fire officer clubbed his wife to death with an ornamental totem pole when she began 'sniping' at him over breakfast, a jury heard.
Following the ceremony, a totem pole was unveiled for the new millennium.
And when McSporran let fly with a ferocious 30-yarder on 27 minutes, all the Adams Park faithful needed was a totem pole to dance round.
I was low person on the totem pole, so I got all the bad work," she says.