tote bag

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a capacious bag or basket

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Melinda Looi s Tumi tote bag print is in addition her Spring Summer 2016 collection print.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Inovir, the international leader in promotional and specialty packaging, today announced the launch of a new division, created to design and manufacture high-quality tote bags priced to allow brands worldwide to effectively deliver their messaging to the market -- over and over again.
The tote bag is part of Marriott's partnership with SleepingBags to transform discarded hotel bed linen into items that can be put back into hotels as guestroom amenities.
Smith and George's new Facebook competition is offering their followers the chance to win a new camel structured tassel tote bag.
Gordon Crovitz, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, will join the team and distribute tote bags commemorating the anniversary, with a free copy of the Journal and a short-term trial offer to the print and online Journals.
With each purchase of this shoulder tote bag, between 3% and 4% of the cost will be donated to Save The Children, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making a lasting, positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children in the United States and throughout the world.
Delegates also got a tote bag, a water bottle and discounts from a downtown shopping center, 30 minutes of phone calls from AT&T, discounts to Universal Studios and a pass to the Laugh Factory Comedy Club.
up a tote bag made of recycled plastic and environmental coloring
And, don't forget to pick up a tote bag made of recycled plastic and environmental coloring posters for the kids.
Hygienic and easy-to-use, it can be stored virtually anywhere or can also be carried in one's pants pocket, purse, glove compartment, tote bag, backpack, etc.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Drive an electric vehicle, recycle your holiday greeting cards, put your brochures in a tote bag made out of plastic recycled from Ford (NYSEl: F) plants, learn how old cars are recycled, the role alternative fuels are playing and how auto factories cut wastes.
Specifically, Creating Keepsakes' new scrapbooking and home decor product line includes scrapbooking kits, a tote bag, room decor, furniture, and storage items.
In addition, 500 entrants will receive a Franklin/NHL Street Hockey stick, a Wendy's fun-filled tote bag with NHL prizes and a Hasbro Pro Action Hockey figure.
After use, deflate potty and store in an included pouch which fits easily into a pocket, tote bag, back pack, glove compartment, etc.
California Grown Baby" - an embroidered "California Grown" yellow tote bag stuffed with jars of nutritious baby food, white grape juice, a "California Grown" onesie and a wooly lamb stuffed animal makes the perfect gift for a new baby