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computer that registers bets and divides the total amount bet among those who won

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The contract includes integrating Playtechs award-wining casino platform, best-performing games portfolio and supporting Totalizator Sportowy with its range of marketing and consultancy services.
There he was in charge of the totalizator at the Happy Valley Racecourse, during which time the turnover increased from HK$3.
As part of the Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu Frontech Limited ties people and IT together through the development, manufacture and sale of front-end technology such as ATMs, operation branch, POS and totalizator terminals, and public display devices.
According to Menda Stoyanova of GERB, the legal amendments will reduce the tax on gambling activities three times, and financiers of BSP claimed that the reduction would be double for the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator and almost triple for online gambling.
The system uses technology developed by Unisyn Voting Solutions, a subsidiary of Carlsbad-based International Lottery & Totalizator Systems Inc.
At the beginning of March, Totalizator Spotowy (TS), the lottery authority, took over the company that administers the track, housed on a 140-hectare site in Warsaw, for a token price on a 30-year lease.
The Bulgarian Football Union, the Bulgarian Biathlon Federation and the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator have also supported the police directorates with fuel supplies, computer equipment and money.
It appears a Maryland bettor, who ended up with the only perfect tickets and stood to collect more than $3 million, conspired with a totalizator company employee to enter selections after four of the six races had been run.