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Synonyms for totalize

to combine (figures) to form a sum

Synonyms for totalize

make into a total


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Pour ce qui est de la participation au marche du travail, les taux d'activite, les taux d'emploi, les taux de chomage ainsi que les taux de surqualification presentes plus loin proviennent de totalisations speciales de l'EPA effectuees par Statistique Canada.
The two countries acknowledged the ongoing discussions on totalisation and resolved to continue their engagement on order to pursue a bilateral totalisation agreement, it said.
En contraste avec les portraits simplistes des institutions de police comme agents du mecanisme du pouvoir gouvememental, cet article examine une de ces institutions de l'interieur pour etudier comment elle exerce le pouvoir sur son propre personnel, dans un projet institutionnel de totalisation qui allie responsabilite et identite au sein d'une structure hierarchique paramilitarisee.
L'ideologie est un travail de synthese, non pas parce qu'elle degagerait, comme la theorie pretend le faire, un modele abstrait qui rende compte d'une totalite concrete: elle est fonction de totalisation.
Max's encounter with Chloe disrupts this "ethically indifferent" (1987) maternal realm of totalisation as it signifies to him his "first experience of the absolute otherness of other people" (Banville 2005, 167), "the true origin in [him] of self-consciousness" as the world suddenly turns into an "objective entity" that leaves him 'in the open':
But since pure insight is the totalisation of negativity, Enlightenment is shown to have no 'light' (i.
C'est la monnaie qui joue ce role de totalisation souveraine et c'est bien elle qui brouille la ligne de partage etablie par Foucault:
In fact, the key function of philosophy for Sartre was "to be simultaneously a totalisation of knowledge, a method, a regulative Idea, an offensive weapon, a community of language" that is itself a movement that acts upon the future (SM 5-6).
we can identify neo-colonial cultural appropriations, thefts of 'cultural property' [and that] such cultural appropriations inextricably belong to overall totalisation efforts--the political and ideological domination of indigenous.
The production gives agency to the viewers by providing a space for what Helena Grehan calls "a rejection of totalisation in favour of a pluralism of views or responses, and they [audiences] are informed by and motivated in response to this to find new ways of thinking about or responding to, important political, historical and social questions.
In all this one has to distinguish between the processes that have been reshaping the globe, the totalisation of the Western techno-military-monetary civilisation (supposedly everyone's object of desire), and the phantasies of these processes that fuel and shape so many academic writings (fabrications) on the phenomenon of 'globalisation'.
En effet, apres avoir affirme la pluralite des philosophies, Sartre va immediatement definir la philosophie comme la totalisation du savoir contemporain.
First restrict the cosimplicial to its pth skeletton and note that the homotopy totalisation of that skeletton is equivalent to the homotopy limit of a punctured p-cubical diagram of configuration spaces.
Differential pressure transmitters: provides accurate flow rate and totalisation readings for applications, including gas, water, cryogenic liquids, chemicals, and air as limited by materials; and
For Riendeau, "l'ultime temoignage du Cambodgien propose une fin ouverte qui s'oppose a la totalisation du drame" (98).