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They do it all well, and when they toss off a book in their spare time (think of Emma Thompson or Rupert Everett), it's invariably witty and charming.
Although we would have preferred our base play to have been a power toss off tackle [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 1 OMITTED], we just weren't getting the production we wanted from our wingbacks.
They shock him with how nonchalantly they can toss off a gripping monologue about a brother killed in a gang war.
A group of male dancers toss off a few silky, angled pirouettes to "Blackbird.
Griffin, basically hired to toss off idiotic wisecracks during an idiotic ritual, said, ``We did hear a rumor that little Dakota Fanning entered rehab today and we wish her the best.
Overes is blessed with a deep, rich, fruity voice, while the lovely-looking Archibald can toss off trills and runs with ease.
Sometimes he prefers to toss off futurisms like "the Third Wave" or "empowered citizens of the information age.