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experiencing intense pain especially mental pain

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At least 41 detainees were reportedly tortured by officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) using the "wheel of torture," a device that a detainee was forced to spin to determine what type of torture he or she would be subjected to.
Reports suggest that people are tortured and ill-treated when they are arrested, transferred and awaiting trial, and in detention facilities.
Another problem with the prosecution is that they should investigate the crime of torture before investigating the original crime that the tortured defendant is charged with, which they don't do.
Noting that activities predominantly relating to men's life fall within the protective range of the CAT, Mackinnon remarks 'when a woman is tortured by her husband in her home, humanity is not violated' (Mackinnon,1994: 6).
When I was a child in Reagan's America, a common theme in Cold War rhetoric was that the Soviets tortured people and detained them without cause, extracted phony confessions through cruel violence, and did the unspeakable to detainees who were helpless against the full, heartless weight of the Communist state.
Every day, women, men and children are tortured or ill-treated with the intention of destroying their sense of dignity and human worth.
Some doctors, having lost their jobs and been tortured themselves, are helping out at the rehabilitation center.
protocol mandates that states prevent torture at home and not transport people anywhere abroad where there is reason to believe they will be tortured.
The mental and physical state of one who has been tortured has significant implications for inter-personal relationships, whereas the wrongdoing of torture cannot be measured on the scales of utility.
They discuss the road to Abu Ghraib, how the US military responded to the drift toward torture, what torture does to human beings, what the torture debate reveals about American Christianity, an assessment of and reflection on Guantanamo from people who have been there, sacred bodies and inspirited flesh, imagine the sojourner, tortured truth, the religious roots of human rights, healing the American Christian relationship with the Muslim world, violence finds refuge in falsehood, religious torture in the war on terror, the dark knight of the American soul, a theological reflection on CIA black sites, and national security and a practical way forward.
Recently, a 13-year-old girl was continuously gang-raped, mentally and physically tortured by police officials during 21 days of illegal detention.
Mohamed, an Ethiopian who moved to Britain as a teenager, was arrested as a suspected terrorist in 2002 in Pakistan, and alleges that he was tortured there as well as in US custody in Morocco and Guantanamo Bay, from where he was released without charge early last year.
It notes terror suspects allegedly being tortured in Yemeni prisons and reports about secret prisons in Syria where inmates are allegedly being held incommunicado, the Associated Press reported.