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Synonyms for tortuous

Synonyms for tortuous

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

not taking a direct or straight line or course

Synonyms for tortuous

highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious

marked by repeated turns and bends

not straightforward

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In the distance he discerned the ragged tortuous lines that marked the winding course of the hideous gorges which scored the broad plain at intervals--the terrible gorges that had so nearly claimed his life in punishment for his temerity in attempting to invade the sanctity of their ancient solitude.
A very simple reason - his heart was not at rest, his mind was not thoroughly convinced; he imagined there lay some dark, hidden, tortuous intrigue behind these thirteen millions of francs; and he wished that the pure heart of La Valliere, which had revolted at the idea of theft or robbery, should approve - even were it only by a single word - the resolution he had taken, and which, nevertheless, he hesitated before carrying into execution.
His eyes scanned the river as far down-stream as the tortuous channel would permit, but there was no sign of the Russian or his dugout.
Through this seeming jungle ran tortuous paths, and the carved stone benches of the open garden gave place to rustic seats, and swings suspended from the branches of fruit trees.
I walked through many streets, some broad and straight with high, modern buildings, some narrow, gloomy, and tortuous, between the gables of quaint old houses whose overhanging stories, elaborately ornamented with carvings in wood and stone, almost met above my head.
Near this point the footpath joins the wider track, which connects the Grimsel with the head of the Rhone SCHNAWP; this has been carefully constructed, and leads with a tortuous course among and over LES PIERRES, down to the bank of the gloomy little SWOSH-SWOSH, which almost washes against the walls of the Grimsel Hospice.
The pit was still in darkness; the mighty engines, so great and wonderful in their power and com- plexity, so unearthly in their tortuous forms, rose weird and vague and strange out of the shadows towards the light.
With a sigh I turned the prow of my craft down stream, and with mighty strokes hastened with reckless speed through the dark and tortuous channel until once again I came to the chamber into which flowed the three branches of the river.
He saw himself lingering in Cordova on the bridge that spanned the Gaudalquivir; he wandered through tortuous streets in Toledo and sat in churches where he wrung from El Greco the secret which he felt the mysterious painter held for him.
This gives the group a significant platform for increasing the number of new homes built going forward and to maintain our expansion plans; however obtaining planning through local authorities remains tortuous.
The splenic artery is usually the largest (6-10 mm in diameter) and most tortuous branch of the coeliac artery having an average length of 13 cm (Range, 8-32 cm).
Designed in collaboration with key opinion leaders, the Micro14es provides enhanced guidewire support through challenging and tortuous anatomy with an extra supportive tip profile for greater pushability when crossing the target lesion.
The company said the US FDA approved guide wire provides physicians with improved flexibility, navigation and ease-of-use in hard-to-reach, tortuous vessels, when treating arterial calcium associated with peripheral artery disease (PAD).
Tortuous indeed but none more so for the pawn in their legal games.
Liam Gallagher " Tortuous indeed but none more so for the pawn in their legal games, who, if reports are true, has not yet met her fatherWhatever their legal disputes surely Gemma has rights too and none more so than to have her dad in her life no matter how old she may be.