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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

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15) Some investigators suggested that exaggerated coronary tortuosity was associated with increased risk of recurrent SCAD.
0], neg Temperature Porosity Passivation layer such as Charge duration Tortuosity SEI Battery SOC Table 3.
On one hand, a series of anatomical variations are available during the arterial path from both wrists to the ascending aorta; at another hand, the left radial approach may be related to a lower impact of subclavian tortuosity, which is a major issue in prolonging the length of the procedure because of increased difficulty in catheter manipulation.
The main risk factors for unfavorable anatomic outcomes were APROP, delayed laser therapy (stage 4a) and abnormal anterior segment findings such as tunica vasculosa lentis or increased iris vascular dilation and tortuosity prior to treatment.
Aortogram revealed mild disease in the aorta with significant tortuosity of the common iliac arteries.
According to Collins and Moore (1991) the most frequently observed clinical signs in canine ehrlichiosis were anterior uveitis often with hyphaema and retinal lesions like retinal vascular engorgement and tortuosity, perivascular cuffing, haemorrhage and detachment.
Jugular vein phlebectasias were first described by Harris in 1928 and characterized by Gerwig in 1952 as a dilated segment of vein without tortuosity.
In addition, the carboxyl-graphene nanosheets embedded in the EPGN matrix increased the tortuosity of the diffusion pathway for 02 molecules, thus functioning as a gas barrier and significantly hindering oxygen migration.
In the left eye, retinal hemorrhage in all quadrants of the retina, retinal edema, venous tortuosity, and macular edema were present (Figure 1).
The change of the chemical structure which causes an increase in tortuosity of the corck at each level with the presence of the lips at the pore ducts, this structure enhances the mass transfer barrier increasingly with the increase of the treatment temperature level.
Vascular parameters such as venule dilation and larger retinal arteriolar calibre [9, 10], changes to the vasculature shapes and arteriolar branching angle, increased tortuosity [11-13], and Fractal Dimension (FD) of the retinal vascular network [14-16] are associated with DR.
However, the microcatheter advancement of a Corsair extra-support catheter (Asahi Intecc, Japan) into the distal RCA posterior descending artery was extremely difficult because of tortuosity of the collateral channel.
Caption: Figure 3: (a) Coronal MIP image showing dilatation and tortuosity of left ICA (single white arrow) and ECA (open arrow) and kissing carotids (white arrows).
Attempts to catheterize the right renal collecting system were unsuccessful secondary to a proximal ureteral tortuosity.