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Synonyms for tort-feasor

a party who has committed a tort


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The tort-feasor who caused the injury to the DoD beneficiary must be a nonfederal source.
Golden, the alleged tort-feasor, breached the applicable standard of care.
Montana allows a 50 percent recovery if the employer does not participate in litigation against a tort-feasor.
Contributory negligence, in contrast, operates together with the Tort-Feasors Act.
State law may provide additional statutory protections against even cancellation by mutual agreement as this may defeat the public policy goal of assuring that victims of tort-feasors be compensated.
736 (1999), a final exception is created for drunken tort-feasors, i.
Given the insurer point of view, policyholders claiming liability insurance coverage are, by definition, either "tort-feasors" (those who have committed a wrongful act) or "alleged tort-feasors.
The United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia referred the question to the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia stating that "the settlement agreement between the child's estate and CAMC releases all joint tort-feasors from liability for the child's death" and that "this last fact was not found in the record but CAMC's attorney stated this in oral argument.
Most at workplace, tort-feasors are aided in accomplishing their tortious objectives by the existence of the agency relationship.