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Synonyms for torso

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Of the 76 mammal species, plant eaters had bigger bellies; their relative torso volumes were about 1.
They add that it is not possible to distinguish precisely on the photo-finish the position of Spirig's torso, which is slightly back from her belly and which is hidden by the torso of the Swedish athlete.
It will improve ability to evade tackles and while all jerseys have extra grip to the chest area to increase friction with the ball, the front five players will have shoulder and lower torso panels for secure binding in a scrum.
Details at the bust divide a long torso, and adjustable straps are always helpful.
From the South Frieze, the torsos of a horse and rider shown in the BM, but the heads of both left in Athens.
in the 14300 block of Raven Street when Serafin Pallares, 28, allegedly shot his brother, Sergio Pallares, 24, in the torso after a fight, police said.
When interested, people lean their torsos forward and, often, employ gravity-defying gestures, such as raising up on the balls of their feet as they make a significant or emotionally charged point.
DETECTIVES last night released this photograph of a woman whose torso was found on a riverbank - only weeks after another grisly discovery in the same area.
They will be able to walk between the two torsos, which will be double the width of the rest of the body.
My torsos stand proud and tall, without shame or apology for having developed rolls of fat or haying lost a breast.
Baxter cited the example of new packs for women that are designed for a woman's upper body shape and torso length.
The chunky torsos in his Hercules and Cadmus fistfight seem to index Goltzius's struggle with the block itself.
It makes you wonder how many more torsos are going to turn up.
The group choreography is begun by three men on a diagonal line, who, with heads bowed and arms held tight to their torsos, deliberately raise themselves from the ground, rotating with a steadfastness that is mesmerizing.
Men with long, fat torsos tend to have an elevated risk of prostate cancer, according to a small, preliminary study comparing the physiques of healthy men with those of men who developed prostate cancer.