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Synonyms for torso

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At last he succeeded--his great muscles tensed and knotted beneath his smooth hide as he forced with every ounce of his mighty strength to push the hairy torso from him.
Reflects mature young lady; raven locks, and complexion that lights up well when well powdered--as it is--carrying on considerably in the captivation of mature young gentleman; with too much nose in his face, too much ginger in his whiskers, too much torso in his waistcoat, too much sparkle in his studs, his eyes, his buttons, his talk, and his teeth.
The study is the first to quantitatively test the long-held idea that herbivores have bigger torsos, says Marcus Clauss of the University of Zurich.
A statement from CAS said: "The Swedish NOC (national Olympic committee) and the STF consider that the ITU did not comply with its own rules because it may not have taken into account the position of the athletes' torsos when establishing the medal positions.
For tackle evasion, lowfriction panels are on the arms and torsos of backs' jerseys, and for forwards this fabric is centred around the lower torso.
According to Karen Kunch of Body Wrappers, dancers with long or short torsos should try taking advantage of leotards with adjustable straps.
At this point, more than a little puzzled, we turned and noticed, in the opposite corners of the gallery, two torsos in beeswax that mirrored one another, each with one male breast and one female breast.
Prime examples: From the North Frieze in a chariot race, the lower part of the torsos of a foot-soldier and another male figure and of two horses left at the Parthenon, but the heads of all four conveyed to London where they now reside in the British Museum.
Brothers David Gutierrez, 31, and Sergio Gutierrez, 22, were walking when an unknown person drove by and fired numerous shots, hitting them in their torsos, Aragon said.
Even while sitting side by side, people will lean away from those with whom they feel uncomfortable, often moving either their torsos or their feet away or toward an exit, which nonverbally exhibits displeasure.
Detective Superintendent Stephen Ward, of Strathclyde police, said: 'I don't think we have a serial killer, but we do have two torsos found in the same police division within a short period.
THE giant body in the Millennium Dome will have two torsos in a bizarre Siamese twin design.
In 1986, when I first made torsos with one breast and a mastectomy scar, I had just had a mastectomy.
REI's Novara line of bicycles includes bikes designed for women with frames sized to fit their longer legs and shorter torsos.
The chunky torsos in his Hercules and Cadmus fistfight seem to index Goltzius's struggle with the block itself.