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Synonyms for torso

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They add that it is not possible to distinguish precisely on the photo-finish the position of Spirig's torso, which is slightly back from her belly and which is hidden by the torso of the Swedish athlete.
It will improve ability to evade tackles and while all jerseys have extra grip to the chest area to increase friction with the ball, the front five players will have shoulder and lower torso panels for secure binding in a scrum.
The top half of the suit is called the upper torso.
Caroline Copeland's torso retains a regal calm as her turns and jumps race to Handel's music in the New York Baroque Dance Company's production of Terpsicore.
From the South Frieze, the torsos of a horse and rider shown in the BM, but the heads of both left in Athens.
in the 14300 block of Raven Street when Serafin Pallares, 28, allegedly shot his brother, Sergio Pallares, 24, in the torso after a fight, police said.
Even while sitting side by side, people will lean away from those with whom they feel uncomfortable, often moving either their torsos or their feet away or toward an exit, which nonverbally exhibits displeasure.
Detective Superintendent Stephen Ward, of Strathclyde police, said: 'I don't think we have a serial killer, but we do have two torsos found in the same police division within a short period.
THE giant body in the Millennium Dome will have two torsos in a bizarre Siamese twin design.
Men with long, fat torsos tend to have an elevated risk of prostate cancer, according to a small, preliminary study comparing the physiques of healthy men with those of men who developed prostate cancer.
According to Karen Kunch of Body Wrappers, dancers with long or short torsos should try taking advantage of leotards with adjustable straps.
REI's Novara line of bicycles includes bikes designed for women with frames sized to fit their longer legs and shorter torsos.
The chunky torsos in his Hercules and Cadmus fistfight seem to index Goltzius's struggle with the block itself.
It makes you wonder how many more torsos are going to turn up.
Mannequins sculpted to look like its famed calendar models display negligees near the entrance, clear torsos sporting bras line the walls and pink, polka-dotted dogs hang around the juniors section.