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Synonyms for torso

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They spotted the suitcase in the water, opened it and discovered what appeared to be a human torso.
The man continued to shoot at the officers, striking the victim officer once in the back below his protective vest and once fatally in the torso through the edge trim of his vest.
Blue Square: 5 Torso, 6 Valiramix, Master Tern, Fondmort, 7 Landing Light, 9 Dhaudeloup, Milligan, 10 Ferrers, 12 Just Our Job, The Prince, Clifton Fox, 14 Captain Miller, 16 bar.
The torso, whose arms and legs had also been hacked off, has not been formally identified but detectives believe it is Gemma, 29, because of a distinctive tattoo.
For tackle evasion, lowfriction panels are on the arms and torsos of backs' jerseys, and for forwards this fabric is centred around the lower torso.
After class or performing, help your blood return to your torso, and your heart and nervous system wind down.
Fearing for their safety, deputies fired at Santos, striking him several times in the upper torso.
Tuesday,April 13, 2004 DETECTIVES hunting the killer of a woman whose torso was found inside a suitcase dumped in a canal are to look at the possibility that she was the victim of a ``voodoo killing''.
His slender torso penetrated the seam deeper than most normal landings, while his head depressed the back mat in a normal fashion.
Investigations into the murders of children are always harrowing, but when the torso of a young boy was discovered in the Thames in September 2001, the Metropolitan Police soon realised they were dealing with an unusually difficult and disturbing case.
Meanwhile chalk studies of the Belvedere Torso and Farnese Hercules he executed on a Rome journey of 1590-91 reveal his idiosyncratic method.
POLICE investigating the death of a boy whose torso was found in the Thames - sparking fears he was the victim of a ritual killing - have released a picture of the body.
A 58-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of abandoning the torso of his wife at a park in Sendai, northeastern Japan, police said.
Of 109 victim officers who died of upper torso gunshot wounds despite their body armor, 46 officers were killed as the result of bullets entering between the side panels or the armholes of the vests.
While the researchers note that their study "must be interpreted with caution" until larger studies are completed, they conclude that the presence of a comparatively long, fat torso might represent an inexpensive, readily available, and simple means of better defining the one man in 11 who may develop cancer of the prostate.