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large edible marine fish of northern coastal waters

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Next to the aquarium stands the maritime museum, which includes the US submarine Torsk that sank the last two Japanese combat ships of World War II.
Charter boats sailing from Downings enjoy outstanding fishing for monster pollack, coalfish, ling,cod and torsk.
The USS Torsk submarine, which sank the last Japanese warship in World War II, also has pride of place in this development as does the last remaining ship from Pearl Harbour, the Taney.
Ressuser av torsk og andre risk i fjorder pa den Norske Skagerrakkysten.
Taney, the last surviving warship from the attack on Pearl Harbor; USS submarine Torsk, which sank the last two Japanese combatant ships in World War II; and lightship Chesapeake, a floating lighthouse that marked the entrance to harbors.
Earlier, the Faroese quota for other species in Icelandic waters had been cut from 6,000 to 5,000 tons: 1,000 tons less torsk, 700 tons less cod, 200 tons less halibut and 100 tons less Greenland halibut.