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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

a twisting force

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The earlier papers of the authors [4-6] presented numerical calculations of the active force applied in the torsionally and longitudinally oscillating identified mechanical systems.
With the combination of low-backlash servo-drive systems; torsionally stiff, low-dither gearboxes; independently driven upper and lower beams; and improved belt technology, pullers for medical tubing are able to maintain the tightest tolerances, even in small-diameter and micro-bore/multi-hollow tubing.
His recent research contribution includes the base isolation for near-fault motions and its application to the bridges and tanks, multiple tuned mass dampers for vibration control and active control of torsionally coupled structures.
Although the yarns are porous, this influx of ions causes the yarn to increase volume, shrink in length by up to a percent, and torsionally rotate.
Motor racing technology also dominates within the particularly light, torsionally stiff carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque.
Power is transmitted from the motor to the crankshaft that drives the orbiting scroll through a torsionally flexible crown pin coupling located in the top compartment of the test rig.
The phenomenon of flow and heat transfer of the fluid between two enclosed counter torsionally oscillating discs (enclosed in a cylindrical casing) has important engineering applications.
More than 55% of the body is composed of high-strength steel, making it 10% stiffer torsionally than its predecessor and providing an impressively rigid safety cell.
In another example, Stokes and Boger (21) proposed torsionally driven cavity as a suitable mixing device for viscoelastic fluids.
The high-performance roadster is said to be as torsionally stiff as a closed coupe, thanks to a bodyshell made entirely of carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic (CFRP) materials.
Drill pipes will torsionally buckle if torsional loads exceed the minimum torque required to buckle them.
Says Nottingham, from PND Incorporated: "Orthotropic technology also may be desirable for short-span bridges, especially for situations that require something lightweight, curved, or torsionally resistant.
The flexible bellows itself is radially compliant, dramatically reducing side loading, as well as very light weight and highly torsionally rigid, which allows for optimal response time, with virtually no lost motion between the motor and dynamometer.
Once the Expanda Pipe reaches the upstream manhole," Jakovac said, "a rod is inserted and braced against the manhole structure to torsionally restrain the liner.
Examples include our extruded aluminum floors with integral stiffeners, our torsionally rigid tubular components, our one-piece longitudinal components, our roof-to-rail overlap and drip molding.