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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

a twisting force

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Jaguar says the aluminum-intensive coupe is the most torsionally rigid model in company history, 80 percent stiffer than its open-roof sibling.
The roadways were made from torsionally flexible bridging units that had a span of 80 It, mounted on pontoon units of either steel or concrete called 'Beetles'.
Measuring 33,000Nm/ degree, the FType coupe is the most torsionally rigid production car Jaguar has ever built.
Its fixed roof also makes it the most torsionally rigid car Jaguar have ever made.
Torsionally soft Horizontally Split- In-Half Elements with wide range of allowable misalignment and Highly visible Elements.
The research on the passive and active synthesis of torsionally oscillating mechanical drive systems is developed by the authors of this paper.
Each servo motor then direct-drives a low-backlash reducer that is coupled to the belt sheave by a torsionally stiff coupling (no keyways).
Small powered, torsionally flexible coupling with shock absorbing and misalignment capacity.
Although piezoelectric MEMS have been developed, most MIL/Aero MEMS gyros vibrate either as a tuning fork or torsionally.
His recent research contribution includes the base isolation for near-fault motions and its application to the bridges and tanks, multiple tuned mass dampers for vibration control and active control of torsionally coupled structures.
Although the yarns are porous, this influx of ions causes the yarn to increase volume, shrink in length by up to a percent, and torsionally rotate.
Gulten and Calim (2003) studied the torsionally unbanlanced multistorey RC structures.
Based on the experimental investigation on the torsionally over reinforced beams the following conclusions have been drawn.
A cradle is added to the base of each blade, which provides a center pivot, and also ties each blade torsionally to the pitch change system.
Centa has announced the availability of its new high thermal capacity Centamax-HTC torsional coupling, which is suited for engine-driven systems that require a torsionally soft, linear characteristic coupling with high power loss capacity, the company said.