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converter for transmitting and amplifying torque (especially by hydraulic means)

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For previous models, torque converter damper space was increased both radially and axially to improve the damping characteristic.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global automotive torque converter market for 2016-2020.
Based on this analysis, a new hybrid system using the compound structure motor and a portion of a conventional automatic transmission without a fluid-type torque converter is presented.
The typical torque converter cross-section, as shown in Figure 1, is a recirculating hydrodynamic, mixed-flow turbo machine (containing both axial and radial flow) with three independent blade cascade elements that control the internal flow field.
With torque converter in place of dry clutch, costly clutch repairs are eliminated and an integral retarder enhances the vehicle braking system to reduces brake wear, helping to avoid the need for regular maintenance.
8220;This new web app and web software will revolutionize the torque converter, transmission and replacement valve body marketplace.
Thanks to its torque converter technology and powershifting, Allison fully automatic transmissions ensure excellent vehicle performance at low engine speed, even in combination with alternative fuel and CNG power-packs.
The unit is equipped with a torque converter clutch which gives the operator full variable speed control of the rotors.
Technology: Voith uses a unique differential torque converter with a secondary retarder in its DIWA transmission units for large buses, and has now taken the design into the Midi bus market with the 823.
Voith's new WinDrive combines a hydrodynamic torque converter with a planetary gear system to convert the rotor's variable speed into a constant, stable output speed for the generator.
The hydrodynamic torque converter is a transmission which consists from a combination between a hydrodynamic pump and a turbine in the same carcass (envelope).
A power transmission system of the hybrid vehicle uses the power developed by the electric motor for directly rotating the driving wheels, without power loss in a torque converter connected to the engine.
But "0 seconds" does not mean that the driver does not feel anything: the Getrag PowerShift provides significantly more driving comfort, a more dynamic driving experience, and better control over the vehicle and engine power without the mushy, disconnected feel of traditional torque converter automatics.
High power motor design and highly efficient mechanical torque converter applies force to valves or dampers with speed and accuracy.