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a twisting force

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There were 12 judges on the ST-Torque Awards 2017 panel, headed by Christopher Tan, Senior Transport Correspondent of The Straits Times, Consulting Editor at Torque magazine and Singapore's foremost motoring journalist for the past 30 years.
6l V-6 engine in the Silverado WT, which is rated at 304lb-ft of torque or 66lb-ft per litre, a 312 per cent increase over the 1918 engine.
The installed motor power of the modular drive system is 1,250 kW (1,900 hp) with maximum torque of 650,000 newton meters (480,000 ft-lbs).
It could calculate the torque variation with respect to the rotor angle.
North Bar Tools went back its roots in the aerospace industry, manufacturing a range of specialist fitting tools, along with torque wrenches.
The long-term vision for the Torque EGO series is for it to be treated much like a person's pride, identity, or self-esteem.
In another scheme, an analytical solution was developed for production motor voltages to provide a smooth torque [2].
Torque converters are commonly used in cars, buses, locomotives and construction equipment for smooth torque transmission between engine and automatic transmission.
The global torque sensor market is expected to witness a significant growth during the forecast period (2015-2021).
In this paper, a hybrid electric vehicle with IWM was selected as target research object, engine was started by the IWM directly, and the structure and dynamic relationship of the drive system were analyzed; according to the engine MAP diagram, working modes of the hybrid electric vehicle were determined; the switching process of the pure electric mode to the engine drive mode was selected as a key research target; a power switching control strategy of starting the engine by motor constant torque compensation and dynamic torque compensation by the motor after engine's start-up was developed; a fast prototype control test scheme was designed and carried out, which was used to conduct an experimental study on the specific process of the pure electric driving mode to the engine driving mode.
In this situation, the MWT with low cogging torque is more advantageous than other MWTs [8].
The copper bars in the rotor act as shorted transformer secondary, and the current induces a rotor field flux, which produces torque.
Reell's newly patented PolyTorq torque-generating technology introduces unmatched performance and design capabilities to advance a wide range of hinge and torque insert applications.
Chick says he had to buy a torque wrench in order to loosen the screw because it was so tight.