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Synonyms for torpid

Synonyms for torpid

lacking responsiveness or alertness

lacking mental and physical alertness and activity

Synonyms for torpid

slow and apathetic

Related Words

in a condition of biological rest or suspended animation

References in classic literature ?
The multitude finally comprehended that the Russians would not put to death a body of twenty thousand men, without arms, torpid, stupid, unable to defend themselves; and each man awaited his fate with horrible resignation.
He was brave to risk the fans' wrath by throwing on Sakho to replace Chicharito, who had been the liveliest of a torpid bunch, and right to assert that doing nothing was not an option.
It incorporates reputation analysis and ransomware alleviation, empowering its clients to more rapidly recognize active breaches, including ransomware attacks and torpid or shrouded threats.
This included one instance in which Shaker banned six female singers for acting "racy" in order to "deliberately stir instincts and desires," which suggests that Shaker's own music is torpid and stirs nothing but boredom.
But Japanese inflation still weak and the economy torpid, the Bank of Japan embarked on a bond-buying spree Friday to lower yields on its benchmark 10-year notes, which had followed global rates higher Thursday.
It is depressing to hear torpid arguments against voting and to see the numbers not registered at a time when Wales and the rest of the UK face change that will affect us all as EU and global alliances shift.
The darting fliers cease temperature regulation and go truly torpid at night.
They are bigger because they have not spent time in a torpid state of hibernation, they are reaching maturity earlier because they haven't had these periods of rest when their body mass reduces, and they breed whenever they are active, not seasonally.
Paul Hetherington, of charity BugLife, said: "They are bigger because they have not spent time in a torpid state of hibernation.
Low energy prices have crushed earnings at oil and gas companies worldwide, while torpid growth expectations in China and the rest of the emerging world have spread pain to producers of raw materials and commodities.
The STL president endeavored to defend the court's sometimes torpid progress, citing the complexity of evidence and applicable law, and noting that some of the issues it has been charged with addressing are without obvious precedent -- it is the first international criminal tribunal to try defendants in absentia, and the first to deal with terrorism as a substantive crime.
For viewers immersed within its exaggerated temporal and artifactual spaciousness, it played alternately like a strategic conjuring of richly multivalent phenomenological ambiences and a form of endurance test carried out via the most torpid and impatient-making tendencies of relational aestheticians.
Esther has artistic and political ideals and little patience for the torpid evolution of her hometown.
How we conduct ourselves on the Gulf's torpid waters will do more to reassure or discomfit our allies than any statements issued from Camp David.
Young and even middle-aged Italian academics and curators, many of whom are in professional exile in the UK or America, often complain about their country's constipated job market and the sometimes torpid attitude of those veterans who seemingly hold jobs for life.