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forward spin (usually of a moving ball) that is imparted by an upward stroke

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Topspin Partners is a suburban NY-based private equity fund that makes investments in profitable and established lower middle-market businesses.
Doron Kolton, CEO of TopSpin, added,"We are extremely pleased to have exceptional investors supporting TopSpins vision of keeping two steps ahead of focused cyber attackers.
League positions: 1 Ormesby - Played 5, Won 4, Drawn 1, Lost 0, Points 9; 2 Draycott East Midlands 5-3-1-1-7; 3 Burton Uxbridge 5-2-2-1-6; 4 Halton TTC 5-0-3-2-3; 5 Topspin Sports 5-0-3-2-3; 6 Byng Hall A 5-0-2-3-2.
Make your opponent back up with deep topspin shots and then surprise them with a drop shot.
Fourteen 10 and 11-year olds from across the Colne and Holme Valleys attended the Topspin Study Centre at Thongsbridge Tennis Club.
Jenny Avis of Topspin Tennis Coaching in Paphos has organised the competition, which will take place on December 6 at the Venus Beach Hotel in Paphos.
The two approved projects are a grant of pounds 5,470 for teenage members of the Topspin Table Tennis Club, who will make a film about racism and a grant of pounds 9,500will allow Merseyside Society for Deaf People to employ two youth workers with sign language skills.
Radek Stepanek was too busy having his topspin lob examined by Hingis to tend to his game but, now he's single again, he's just given her Swiss compatriot Roger Federer an even better going over.
When US tennis coach Vic Braden asked several leading players how they hit a topspin shot, they all told him that they rolled their wrists at the moment of impact, yet, when he filmed them, none of them did this, Gladwell said.
I have played practice sets the last few days but still cannot hit a topspin forehand properly," said Murray.
Similarly, in a move called "Follow," Austin hits the top of the cue ball to give it topspin.
For instance, pushing up on the right stick gives the ball some topspin, while pushing up on the left stick makes sure you hit a deeper shot.
Jess Weinstein, the Adidas marketing communications manager, is known for his topspin and has been extremely active in the past couple of weeks.
Nasdaq:CSCO), an Internet networking company, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Topspin Communications, Inc.
You could still hit topspin --nobody hit a backhand topspin passing shot like Rod Laver.