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Nobody at home," laughed Harris Topping, day labourer, husband of Annie Tarwater, and father of her nine children.
In the glare of the fires they saw a huge bulk topping the barrier.
Aislabie, who came in for the last wicket; how the Lord's men were out by half-past twelve o'clock for ninety-eight runs; how the captain of the School eleven went in first to give his men pluck, and scored twenty-five in beautiful style; how Rugby was only four behind in the first innings; what a glorious dinner they had in the fourth-form school; and how the cover- point hitter sang the most topping comic songs, and old Mr.
Often it seemed he must fail and be thrown upon the beach, but at the end of half an hour he was beyond the outer edge of the surf and swimming strong, no longer diving, but topping the waves.
We passed at a smart trot between the hedges topping an earth wall on each side of the road; then at the foot of the steep ascent before Ploumar the horse dropped into a walk, and the driver jumped down heavily from the box.
If the steering-gear did not give way, if the immense volumes of water did not burst the deck in or smash one of the hatches, if the engines did not give up, if way could be kept on the ship against this terrific wind, and she did not bury herself in one of these awful seas, of whose white crests alone, topping high above her bows, he could now and then get a sickening glimpse -- then there was a chance of her coming out of it.
It is not to be wondered that we prisoners were all desirous enough to see these brave, topping gentlemen, that were talked up to be such as their fellows had not been known, and especially because it was said they would in the morning be removed into the press-yard, having given money to the head master of the prison, to be allowed the liberty of that better part of the prison.
The successful Yellow candidate for the borough of Old Topping, perhaps, feels no pursuant meditative hatred toward the Blue editor who consoles his subscribers with vituperative rhetoric against Yellow men who sell their country, and are the demons of private life; but he might not be sorry, if law and opportunity favored, to kick that Blue editor to a deeper shade of his favorite color.
With much of the UK's fish being landed in Scotland, it might come as no surprise that seafood toppings are most popular among the Scots, while meat proves a clear winner with Scotland's northern neighbours: Pepperoni is the no 1 choice in the North East; people from Yorkshire enjoy a meat feast pizza and Lancashire lads and lasses are more likely to chomp on chicken based toppings.
First of all they were very tall and then different muffins had different toppings - a crunchie topping, a mars bar topping and a caramel topping.
Don't hassle with a takeout order: "I'd like a pizza, but hold the cheese, meat toppings, and is your sauce made with meat stock?
At this year's Pakex exhibition Cabinplant are proud to present a patented system for applying pizza toppings with a perfectly even spread.
But deterioration in color and oxidative stability of meat toppings decreases the shelf life and convenience of consumer-ready foods, such as frozen pizza.
Basic pizzas with additional cheese toppings make a tasty treat.
Pinkberry highly recommends chestnuts, mochi, bananas and chocolate chip toppings with the coffee frozen yogurt.