topological space

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(mathematics) any set of points that satisfy a set of postulates of some kind

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alpha]]-J-sets in generalized topological spaces, IJAST, 1(2011), No.
All functions in this article are assumed to be between topological spaces.
Levine, Semi-open sets and semi-continuity in topological spaces, Amer.
A topological space X is regarded locally path-connected when for every x [member of] X and every neighborhood U of x there exists a path-connected neighborhood V such that x [member of] V [subset] U.
12 [11] Let (X, [tau]) and (Y, u) be two topological spaces of IFRSs and f : (V, B) [right arrow] ([V.
1) The topological space (X, T) is semi-connected if and only if the corresponding complemented ditopological texture space (X,P(X), [[pi].
For a topological space (X, [tau]), the following properties are equivalent:
A fuzzy topological space (X,[delta]) is said to be [alpha]-finitistic if each [alpha]-open cover of (X,[delta]) has a finite or A der [alpha]-open refinement.
alpha]]/a [member of] I} be any family of topological spaces.
We can show that (X,[delta]) is compact L-fuzzy topological space [7] and dim(X, [delta]) = [infinity].
In this paper by (X, [tau]) or simply by X we will denote the intuitionistic fuzzy topological space (IFTS).
In this paper r stands for the set of real numbers, K will denote the field of real or complex numbers (we will call them scalars), X a Hausdorff normal topological space and E a quasi-complete locally convex space space over K with topology generated by an increasing family of semi-norms [[parallel]*[parallel].
3]} [member of] T Hence (E,T) is a topological space.
Erdal Ekici [4] studied slightly precontinuous functions, separation axioms and pre-co-closed graphs in fuzzy topological space.
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