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The aim of this study was to analyze the quantitative topography indices and corneal high-order aberration (HOA) data from the normal eyes of unilateral keratoconus patients and to compare them with the fellow keratoconic eye and with the normal eyes of healthy individuals.
Three monthly reviews for corneal topography were recommended to allow detection of early signs of disease progression.
amp;nbsp;Those marks say a lot about the conditions on the planet while the water was flowing, even if they have since changed or disappeared: "Rivers erode the landscape, leaving behind signatures that depend on whether the surface topography was in place before, during, or after the period of liquid flow," the study said.
In addition, the oceanic topography is very complex, such as The North West Shelf of Australia (Holloway, 1997), Portugal Shelf Sea Area (Sherwin, 2002), etc.
Variation in distribution of subjects with age and bestcorrected visual acuity (BCVA) were analysed using ANOVA and with sex and suspected keratoconus-like topography were analyzed using the Chi-square test.
It's therefore desirable to obtain both the color image and the 3-D topography data of an object with a single scan using only interferometric objectives.
The results indicated that variations in the thickness of the moon's crust caused by tidal heating during its formation could account for most of the moon's large-scale topography, while the remainder was consistent with a frozen tidal-rotational bulge that formed later.
After an overview of corneal topography and tomography, a map-based approach to diagnosis and evaluation covers axial curvature maps, anterior and posterior elevation maps, and pachymetric maps.
The sea floor topography nudges tsunami waves in varying directions and can make a tsunami's destruction appear random.
The Minister met today with Lebanese and Arab delegations comprised of Head of the Arab Topography Union, Chief of Lebanese Topographers Syndicate, Head of Mediterranean Topography Union, and Head of Francohphone Landscaping Union.
Civil aviation secretary Madhavan Nambiar said in Delhi there was no reason to suggest that Glusica may not have been familiar with the airport's topography.
org include a vast amount of information on topography, soil types, climate, rainfall, the number of degree-days and minimum temperatures that will be important in the search for a vineyard site.
In some components, surface topography irregularities are not the result of warping, but are caused by upward pressure from internal anomalies such as voids.
Now, an innovative field survey of the world's largest salt flat--a New Jersey-size playa high in the Andes--reveals that the barren expanse unexpectedly has minuscule variations in topography.