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Synonyms for topography

the character, natural features, and configuration of land


Words related to topography

the configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features

precise detailed study of the surface features of a region

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Placido-based topography systems have been shown to provide repeatable measurement of corneal topography in healthy and keratoconic eyes.
The researchers also found that the moon's overall gravity field was no longer aligned with the topography, as it would have been when the tidal bulges were frozen into the moon's shape.
Buried under the Greenland Ice Sheet, the subcontinent's bedrock topography has been estimated using soundings from ice-penetrating radar.
In particular, hominin sites are found in topographically complex regions where active tectonics and other geomorphological processes produce and maintain vegetational mosaics, accessible water sources, and rough topography providing tactical advantage in avoiding predators and accessing mobile prey.
In operation, this method collects both surface topography and internal feature data several thousand times a second.
5% of the sample had engaged in at least one topography of PIB within the 2 months prior to completion of the questionnaire.
The system uses the company's VHSL (very high speed sheet-of-light laser) scanning sensors to digitize the tire sidewall topography.
Ocean depth and topography (the shape of the ground underwater) also affect waves.
Corneal topography in the wavefront era; a guide for clinical application.
Nestling in a spectacular mountain site on the edge of the town of Ketchum, this house by Marwan Al-Sayed is a highly perceptive engagement with topography, light and the local vernacular.
Planners, who understand the city as a set of systems, have seen those systems come apart: Topography went first, as the flood produced a new water datum, in places ten feet and more above the former ground level; then the infrastructure of transportation and utilities, the local and regional economy, the uniquely vibrant culture, and the myriad patterns and associations of citizens were drowned or dispersed.
The current seismic processing applies Static Corrections to overcome the effects associated to rough topography, based in the assumption that velocity in near surface is lower than in the substratum, which force going up rays travel near to vertical.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 21, 2005 - (JCNN) - The Japan Weather Association (JWA) and Kansai Electric Power have co-developed LAWEPS-Planner, a system to support the deployment of windmills that are adaptable to Japan's topography and climate.
TEJON - Plans for a 100,000-acre nature preserve in Tejon Ranch will be unveiled today, along with details of a two-year long scientific study that examined wildlife and topography within the region that spills into Kern County.
The Shadow Moire system can be used to characterize the surface topography of paper and to study the problems of dimensional instabilities.