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Synonyms for topography

the character, natural features, and configuration of land


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the configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features

precise detailed study of the surface features of a region

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Mapping of the corneal shape through the use of corneal topographers enables eye care practitioners to accurately analyse this important structure.
Two other topographers joined the Mission in Egypt for return to Australia but none of the party was a surveyor.
Batlimous, a Greek geographer, topographer, mathematician and writer (2nd century AD), in his book named 'the World Maps' which includes 27 maps of the different parts of the world, has named the Persian Gulf as Persicous Sinous which means the Persian Sea.
Maps produced during this era were carefully engraved by cartographers based on sketches gathered by topographers in the field; each map was a unique depiction of the landscape as seen and experienced by the individual (U.
Geography is still history and this tremendous volume has been prepared by elite cartographers, topographers and photographers," he said.
Written by ophthalmologists and optometrists from around the world, the 13 chapters cover basic topographic principles, including anatomy and optics and maps and scales; topographic techniques such as three-dimensional systems, Placido disk-based topographic systems, and combined topographers with whole eye aberrometers; and applications for topography in corneal diseases, contact lens fitting, pre-refractive surgery topographic evaluation, planning topography-guided custom ablations and keratorefractive treatments, corneal biomechanics, and the integration of systems for calculating intraocular lenses.
Interestingly, only about half of the innovators in the military had their innovations affected by military-related learning; many more concentrated on infrastructure, led by the army engineers and topographers.
The engineers did recognizance in the field to determine the final route with a team of specialized topographers.
27) Significantly, the event of getting lost is not reported in the letter of 1790; however, when Wordsworth narrates the journey in 1804, he purports to recollect his eyes' failure to perceive the road in the stream and their attraction to the upward climbing path across it, He could just as easily be narrating the failure of period Alpine topographers to achieve a clear and consistent representation of three-dimensional forms and topographical features.
Frail and facile: during the late eighteenth century the simplicity of the technique, and its swiftness in capturing 'picturesque' turns of the weather, at first attracted jobbing topographers such as Sandby and Rooker.
The team of archaeologists, topographers, physical anthropologists and geophysicists also discovered a stretch of an old Roman road, which once linked Palmyra with western Syria and was marked with at least 11 milestones along the way.
In fact, international resolutions on demarcating the countries' borders are not just technical matters, which topographers carry out.
In spite of the 1815 housecleaning, some continuity was maintained as two of the topographers, Majors John Anderson and Isaac Roberdeau were kept on active duty to complete surveys of the northern frontier and Lake Champlain.
The extensive text offers a thoughtful discussion of works by European topographers, military artists, painters commissioned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, modernists, abstractionists, and much more.