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headdress consisting of a decorative ribbon or bow worn in the hair

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showy crest or knot of hair or feathers

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his topknot, which was combed owlish, and the faithful on shore were
IT'S official, the ubiquitous topknot just won't cut it any more, when it comes to piling your hair up: this summer, up-dos come with an added twist.
Her hair is tied in a glossy topknot, and her smooth skin is lovely.
Caption: A bushy topknot earned shrub cells, like the one in this illustration, their name.
Prois Hunting can meet her needs for winter and summer from her tootsies to her topknot in insulated, lined, tropical-weight and rainproofs in a wide variety of styles and canto patterns.
She always wears her hair in a topknot surrounded by tiara-like jewelry.
John F Kennedy is a girl with a Brummie accent, a topknot and glasses.
It wasn't very long ago when Posh's trendsetting tot impressed Vogue 's Anna Wintour with her chic look -- pleated Chloe slipdress, fashionable topknot and little Moccasins -- at her mum's fashion show in New York.
The 26-year-old had tied her hair in a simple topknot and looked stunning in pair of sunglasses.
99) SATHNAM SANGHERA'S last book, The Boy With The Topknot, was a personal memoir about growing up Sikh in Wolverhampton.
Satin Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus, Pied Currawong Strepera graculina), including the migratory Topknot Pigeon Lopholaimus antarcticus that reaches its most south-western distribution limit in this study area (e.
And the bun has worked its way down from the tight topknot to the nape and become softer and looser.
Her stiff horsehair wig, styled in a tight samurai-style topknot, did little to soften the frankly Habsburgian-underbite that made her lower canine teeth protrude over her lower lip.
Books Draws his strength from works like Gregory David Roberts' Shantaram and Sathnam Sanghera's The Boy with the Topknot