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the attribute of being of interest at the present time

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Given that the basic disadvantage of topicality is production-related, gross domestic (state) product is a good alternative proxy for income.
The novel thing about this new police drama is that it focuses on a unit which investigates identity crime, so top marks for topicality - and putting the willies up viewers.
Toby's stand-up is renowned for its topicality and occasionally uncompromising political slant, and his delivery giddily straddles the humbly self-deprecating to the ferociously in-your-face.
Susan Butler, editor of Macquarie Dictionary, said that Word of the Year Committee selected the adjective because of its topicality and its visually graphic nature.
A young Willy Russell learned how to write for the stage, and production after production had a raw topicality that left audiences both gasping and enraptured.
Struck by the topicality of the reference, I checked to see if there was any chat about Eurovision on the Irish Sports section, expecting to find some comment on the ignominy of Ireland's failure to qualify for the final of a competition in which we used to exert Ballydoyle-like dominance.
In order to judge whether a sentence should be considered an opinion sentence or a topic-related sentence, this newly developed method focuses on the continuity of topics, and calculates the subjectivity or topicality of several sentences that appear before or after the target sentence.
At Long-Term Living we've always prided ourselves on our topicality.
Because, I suspect, they make audiences feel so clever, spotting points of topicality.
Ranging from energy management and plant safety to manual handling, Ethernet communications and gearbox maintenance, the seminar programme will cover a broad range of subjects specifically chosen for their topicality and relevance to today's increasingly multi-tasking engineers.
Presenting its findings grouped through topicality rather than chronology, Adult Development and Aging covers socialization and interpersonal relationships, occupational selection and work, mental health and psychopathology, intervention and therapy, death and dying, and much more.
In previous studies, various syntactic/semantic factors (person hierarchy, animacy, topicality, etc.
has the more outdated linguistic forms updated, and the prayers made obsolete by topicality removed.
I never realised Carlow was so interesting, Richie seems to be inspired by everything that happens around him, I really appreciate the sharp topicality of Richie's humour', Shay says.
With only four nominations in mostly technical categories, ``King Kong'' is the $200 million-plus ape in the room, and like other wannabe blockbusters, has under-performed at the box office, indicating escapism is out, and thought-provoking topicality is in.