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a deposit of urates around a joint or in the external ear


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an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

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Surgical treatments can be considered for larger tophi associated with nerve compression or tophaceous ulceration or for those patients who cannot be cured after prolonged treatment.
was the first to report in the English literature a case of tophaceous gout of patella partita due to a previous patellar injury.
Other unique presentations of tophaceous gout involving the knee have been described, including extensor weakness and tendonitis, (10,11) buckling of the PCL, (12) and acute rupture of the ACL.
3-5 Even though conditions such as pain, numbness and muscular weakness in the forearm are rare in patients with gout, cubital tunnel syndrome caused by tophaceous compression should still be considered.
In tophaceous gout, patients develop a chronic debilitating arthritis with loss of function.
24) ULT is also indicated for patients with tophaceous gout and gout with uric acid nephrolithiasis or renal function impairment.
Tophaceous deposits are the result of longer-term untreated or undertreated gout, high levels of serum urate, diuretic use or treatment with cyclosporine.
I see tophaceous gout more commonly in people who know they have gout but don't lower their uric acid," Dr.
Other entities that can have similar imaging findings and that should be considered in the differential diagnosis of Tumoral Calcinosis include: Calcinosis Universalis, Calcinosis Cirumscripta, Calcific Tendonitis, Synovial Osteochondromatosis, Synovial Sarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Myossitis Ossificans, Tophaceous Gout and Calcific Myonecrosis.
Selecta president and CEO Werner Cautreels said in a comment that his company is now well positioned to advance its immune tolerance pipeline, including the flagship SEL-212 programme, which is a non-immunogenic treatment for refractory and tophaceous gout.
DECT has specific benefits in imaging tophaceous deposits in gout (Dalbeth, Doyle, McQueen, 2012).
Researchers at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, used dual-energy CT to assess urate deposits in 20 consecutive patients with tophaceous gout and 10 controls with other arthritic conditions.
When I see patients with tophaceous gout, my target is never 6.
Chronic tophaceous gout is caused by the formation of solid urate deposits--tophi--in the connective tissues, predominately of the fingers, toes, elbows and ears.