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a sail set on a yard of a topgallant mast

a mast fixed to the head of a topmast on a square-rigged vessel

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Riggers remove the main topgallant mast from Nelson''s flagship HMS Victory at Portsmouth''s Historic Dockyard
The Captain was ordering the topgallant braces to be tightened; Harry began pulling the straps of his little trousers, calling them his `topgallant braces'.
Rhein-, Maas-, und See- Schiffahrtskontor GmbH, Sahara Reedereikontor hired Topgallant Lines to ship cargo from Europe to the United States.
The Morgan is still a beauty, with a 42-foot topgallant and 28-foot whaleboats.
For example, the speaker in Livingstone's much anthologised poem "Gentling a wildcat" (published in Eyes closed against the sun, 1970) places the corpse of the dead wildcat "and at her firstborn in the topgallants / of a young tree, out of ground reach" (Hacksley & Maclennan, 2004:98) after gentling her until she died.
The DynaRig concept draws inspiration from the sail plans of square rig sailing vessels with the sails named in the same manner--from top to bottom on each mast: royals, topgallants, upper tops, lower tops and courses.