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a sail set on a yard of a topgallant mast

a mast fixed to the head of a topmast on a square-rigged vessel

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Riggers remove the main topgallant mast from Nelson''s flagship HMS Victory at Portsmouth''s Historic Dockyard
The Morgan is still a beauty, with a 42-foot topgallant and 28-foot whaleboats.
a Santa Clara-based solution provider; Topgallant Partners, a New England-based IT services and solutions firm; and VANDIS, an integrator specializing in secure network infrastructures.
In addition, Kuppers has served as managing director of the Topgallant Group Inc.
For example, the speaker in Livingstone's much anthologised poem "Gentling a wildcat" (published in Eyes closed against the sun, 1970) places the corpse of the dead wildcat "and at her firstborn in the topgallants / of a young tree, out of ground reach" (Hacksley & Maclennan, 2004:98) after gentling her until she died.
The DynaRig concept draws inspiration from the sail plans of square rig sailing vessels with the sails named in the same manner--from top to bottom on each mast: royals, topgallants, upper tops, lower tops and courses.
Now he's all at sea in every sense, in the bewildering world of Topgallants and Royals and clew-jiggers.