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unstable by being overloaded at the top

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It's natural that the dollar and euro turn top-heavy because they are trying to reach one-month highs against the yen," Sakai added.
Top-heavy bugs were made by fixing a weight above the pyramid, and low center-of-mass bugs bore this weight below.
CURVY Mindy swimsuite by Myla, EUR179, available at Brown Thomas TOP-HEAVY Juicy Couture Rollover Tie Side Bikini Brief, from EUR100.
It is claimed the cars are used as a cover to stop metal from flying off, but that must make the loads top-heavy and unstable.
Their hips have also expanded proportionately less than their waists, meaning that the hourglass British female physique is rarer, as the top-heavy figure has become the norm.
And the Girls Aloud singer looked as though she already had plenty in common with the top-heavy model last night when she stepped out with fiance Ashley Cole.
416(i)(1)(A)(i) dollar limit for the definition of a key employee in a top-heavy plan increases from $135,000 to $140,000.
Are there underserved areas where TEI's presence could be improved while being top-heavy or saturated in others?
In order to ensure that all retirement plans have a representative balance of participants and are not dominated by higher-paid employees, they are subject to annual top-heavy testing (IRC section 416(g)).
Rock's history has been one of constant reinvention by artists too crazy or ignorant to understand the rules, and its canon is top-heavy with the music of weirdos, drug addicts, and idiots savants.
Delap, 28, is seen as the odd man out in a top-heavy Saints midfield and boss Paul Sturrock is ready to off-load him.
The Denmark international is on his way out of Stamford Bridge as new manager Jose Mourinho looks to re-shape a squad top-heavy in numbers.
As an example, the AICPA cited simplifying the definition of compensation and repealing the top-heavy discrimination rules which would ease reporting requirements.
Claims are most often made against the administrative or actuarial firm that performed the top-heavy test.
The box that appeared on page 17 of your December issue ("Do you have a top-heavy plan?