top of the line

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the best (most expensive) in a given line of merchandise

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Today we've hit both those targets by adding color at the top of the line and bringing the entry-level price down significantly".
Now, there's the guillotine-style Bagel Biter ($35) at the top of the line, followed by other holder-type versions (you need your own knife), among them a plastic case ($2.
Prices of STPX's computers range from $600 for the base model up to $4,000 for its top of the line notebook.
and Europe on October 30, was created with top of the line components and with an "ergonomics first" attitude.
As a result of Sun's new architecture, the Enterprise servers offer ten times more I/O performance than HP's fastest and largest system, the HP9000 T520, and more than 16 times the I/O throughput of IBM's top of the line SMP server, the RS/6000 R30; they even rival the I/O throughput of the newest, top-of-the-line IBM CMOS mainframes that cost in the many millions of dollars for a similar configuration.