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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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Manufactured with Atmel's advanced nonvolatile CMOS process, the AT49F4096A is a 4 megabit device with a 256K x 16 organization, available in both bottom and top boot block options.
8V/30pF) Page Size 8 words Operating Current Read: 55mA Page Read: 5mA Incremental Page Read: 11mA Program/Erase: 15mA Stand By: 25 microamperes (uA) Boot Block Architecture TC58FYM5T2A TC58FYM6T2A TC58FYM7T2A top boot block top boot block top boot block TC58FYM5B2A TC58FYM6B2A TC58FYM7B2A bottom boot block bottom boot block bottom boot block Packaging designations BGA - Pb "XB" BGA - Pb "XB" TSOP Type I - Pb "FT" BGA - Pb-free BGA - Pb-free TSOP Type I - "XG" "XG" Pb-free "TG" TSOP Type I - TSOP Type I - Pb "FT" Pb "FT" TSOP Type I - TSOP Type I - Pb-free "TG" Pb-free "TG" Pricing and Availability
5 um process technology, the new 8-Mbit DINOR Flash product gives developers a choice of boot-block configurations: bottom boot block (M5M29FB800) or top boot block (M5M29FT800).
The Integrity Pro is the top boot in the Reebok range and we have FIVE pairs to be given away.
The device is available in both top boot and bottom boot versions.
Dress to impress with new items from Miss Selfridge, a Very good fashion range from Rochelle Humes and our 20 top boots.
He was discovered in the family crypt of the von Crailsheim family's late 14th-century castle, still wearing his top boots.
Madison wears a knitted poncho, pounds 65, flower panel T-shirt, pounds 26, corduroy skirt, pounds 45, and brown patterned tights, pounds 12, all by Deux Par Deux Code: rw171208fashion-12; Joshua wears a beige cardigan, pounds 54, white tree T-shirt, pounds 22, beige combat trousers, pounds 45, wheat tree roll top boots, pounds 55, all by Timberland.
The third division brought the upset of the day - it even confounded winning trainer Simon Marriage - when Alex Merriam scored on 33-1 shot Top Boots after Tank Top had fallen in front at the last.
uk' 4: Olive tab top boots pounds 40 by Florence and Fred at Tesco.
Rubber bottom/leather top boots solve this problem to some extent, but now bootmakers are developing knee-high, fabric/leather boots containing Gore-Tex and similar materials.
Mr McGrath said he was delighted that all the top Boots team are now under 50, with the energy and enthusiasm to take the group forward.
The High Country sock's over-the-calf cuff protects legs in high top boots, while its full-cushioned foot provides warmth and prevents foot and leg fatigue.
Our men, in their scratch costumes of dirty, muddy khaki, with their various assorted head-dresses of woollen helmets, mufflers and battered hats, were a light-hearted, open humorous collection as opposed to the sombre demeanour and stolid appearance of the Huns in their grey-green faded uniforms, top boots and pork-pie hats.