top banana

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the leading comedian in a burlesque show

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the most important person in a group or undertaking

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gt; Not for Profit Organisation award winners 2016 Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity > Contribution to the Community award winners 2016 Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer > Creative Communications & Digital Business of the Year award winner 2016 Top Banana > Professional Service Award winner 2016 Weightmans > Excellence in Manufacturing Award winners 2016 RP Technologies
ORB, which specialises in helping high-growth small businesses (SMEs) and ambitious entrepreneurs define and grow their brand, will support Top Banana on brand development as part of the company's five-year growth plan.
The Bangor Fresh event organised by Top Banana Promotions Ltd starts at 2pm on September 18 and runs until 3am the next morning.
ANOTHER month where you're top banana and nobody is going to make a monkey out of you.
When it seemed likely David Miliband would unseat Gordon Brown as Labour's top banana in 2008, he was photographed with one - and his dreams turned to mush.
They're top banana and it's great they come back again and again, but they have an absolute riot and the audience know they are going to have a party," he smiles.
The Wizard, beaten finalist at the Lakeside World Championship, is top banana down under, where his 2008 highlight was landing the Pacific Masters for the third time.
The dealers are great, the quality's top banana and the Jag's always been a bit more diverting than the Merc, which will always be another couple of grand more to buy (so there's more to lose) and more expensive to maintain.
Legal firm Capital Law and Top Banana Training have joined forces to provide a new executive development programme.
The team builds resources from cash earned by tracking down, capturing, and collecting bounty on the rogue "deck of 52" and chew their way up the terrorist food chain to snare the top banana himself.
WEDNESDAY : Quondam National Touring present Top Banana, Saville Exchange and on Saturday, November 6 at the Buddle Arts Centre, (0191) 252-3505.
Ecuador, the world's top banana exporter, won its case in a WTO ruling against the EU in 1999 which concluded that the EU's preferential treatment for its former African, Caribbean and Pacific colonies was "discriminatory" to Latin America's banana growers.
While production diaries and director narratives often show up as bonus material on DVD releases, this marks the first time a top banana has raised the curtain so high prior to a film's release.
Then pick up a new Top Banana flavoured Penguin biscuit.
Combine One Top Banana Jelly Belly bean with a Cream Soda Jelly Belly bean and a Coconut Jelly Belly bean.