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having or showing prominent teeth

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Now six, Ejercito described her as 'Probably a bit sillier and a little louder, but most definitely a lot less toothy.
Implementing agency : Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education Incheon toothy East Elementary School
This was the worst of New Labour - tyranny with a toothy grin.
With one down rod rigged for snapper or grouper hanging near the bottom, you can set up a second down rod to target kingfish and other toothy critters like wahoo.
For years the show had provided a couple of hours of fun entertainment and, while we may not see its like again, at least we get to see the toothy comic on the box once more with some of the finest talent the showbiz world has to offer.
The black mother turns to go, toddler on her skirts, as though both see the danger of lingering too long in the sweet mist of espresso, of stopping to read the newspaper while wreathed by our familiar smiles, our strained, toothy kindness.
capito individual sported a skull more than 2 feet long and a wingspan up to 23 feet, raising the bar for the potential size of toothy pterosaurs.
Many people may remember the toothy Mormons for their litany of '70s chart smashes, but it was the freakazoid uprising of Crazy Horses for which we give thanks to Jimmy, Donny, Marie et al.
The Duke in the Order's lavish blue velvet robes gave a toothy smile in return and then blushed as he turned back to talk to his father.
THE toothy grin and 60s styling are unmistakable, so Insider was sure it had stumbled on a secret Gibb brother who never quite made the Bee Gee grade.
Instead of patrolling the banks of the Nile, / He posed for photos with his wide, toothy smile.
Indeed, Wyman knew that dating Gold would necessitate ending the toothy affair, but it seemed worth it: As she told her mother, "There's lots of dentists in Manhattan, but good guys are hard to find.
Best of all though, it featured a Lady Di-haired Joanna Lumley at the peak of her statuesque, toothy winsomeness.
Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang (Sky Movies Premiere, 8pm) The toothy nanny is back with wartsand-all, and this time she turns up at a farm in wartime England, where she has to take charge of a bunch of unruly kids.
He's transformed into a toothy squid-like killing creature while she becomes the breeder of deadly blood-thirsty slugs.