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Synonyms for toothpowder

a dentifrice in the form of a powder


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She discovered clays and began to mix her own batches of toothpowder for herself, friends and family.
Market Share of Major Players in India Toothpowder Market
The majority study population used toothpaste and toothpowder and few subjects never used any material to clean their teeth (Fig 4).
This toothpowder is classical in origin," said Devender Triguna, the president of the Association of Manufactures of Ayurvedic Medicines, an Indian body that promotes traditional remedies.
Vegetable vending , Rice Trader, Snack food maker, Sari/cut cloth trader, Waste paper shop, Meat shop owner, Fruit seller, Beedi roller, Junk shop owner, Junk smith, Biscuit maker, Scrap iron shop owner, Carpenter, Bead stringer, Footwear shop owner, Ready-made garment seller, Sari block printer, Wood box maker, Fish vendor, Goldsmith, Toothpowder maker, Stationery Shop, Mat Weaver, Cycle Shop Owner, Brush Maker, Mobile Ironer, Cardboard Maker, Incense maker, Groceries seller, Leaves Plates maker, Silk trader, "Idly"(Boiled grinded rice) shop, Gold thread garland, Pandal (Ornament) maker, Flower seller Sweet stall owner, Plastic flower maker, Wire bag maker, Snack shop owner, Tea stall owner, Tailor, Wood Utensil Maker, Pottery stall owner, Cart loader, toy maker, etc.
Being sold with a couple of games and a mini cine projector, it's a snip at pounds 150- pounds 250; Dan Dareobilia: secret ink, toothpowder, tie clip and a spaceship film viewer will be sold with a pair of field glasses in original box with an estimate of pounds 300- pounds 500; Dan Dare radio station, manufactured by J &L Randall Ltd, Potters Bar, which is being sold with this pistol-shaped Space Projector Gun and film with an estimate of pounds 200-pounds 300; Dan Dare memorabilia is worth collecting just for the marvelous graphics used to illustrate the boxes
There's a colourful array of Dan memorabilia in the Christie's sale, including stencil sets, jigsaw puzzles, ray guns, walkie-talkies, pocket-watches, games, a radio station, lead figures, and even secret ink and toothpowder.
Airport retailers have shown creative responses to new travel restrictions, including replacing perfumes and liquids with toothpowder travel packs and Pepto-Bismol tablets.
Other consumer products Dabur has introduced include honey, which the company has promoted extensively as a healthful food with therapeutic value; toothpowder, with a view to making a dent in Colgate's dominant position; and a coconut-oil-based hairdressing that promises to prevent premature graying and hair loss.