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Synonyms for toothpowder

a dentifrice in the form of a powder


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She discovered clays and began to mix her own batches of toothpowder for herself, friends and family.
Airport retailers have shown creative responses to new travel restrictions, including replacing perfumes and liquids with toothpowder travel packs and Pepto-Bismol tablets.
He must have keenly noticed the appearance of small piles of plaster of Paris, starch, or toothpowder "tumbled in shapes and rifts" (178) to call upon these materials in describing powdery snow on an Alpine glacier.
Figure 3-22: Forecast for Toothpowder Market (Million US$), 2009-2012
In toothpowder market, Colgate, HUL and Dabur are the major players.
India - Market Shares in Toothpowder Segment (2006)
Colgate-India has expanded consumption with affordable new products like Colgate gel toothpaste sachets with re-closeable caps and Colgate toothpowder in sachet packs.
Among the new introductions fueling growth elsewhere were the Colgate Actibrush and Speed Stick and Lady Speed Stick deodorants in Australia, Protex soap in South Africa, and Colgate toothpowder sachets in India.
Eco-DenT markets premium natural oral care products, including a line of all-natural traditional and specialty baking soda toothpowders, such as tooth whiteners and powders for sensitive gums.