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a dentifrice in the form of a paste

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Children under the age of three should use just a smear of toothpaste with no less than 1,000 ppm fluoride.
6 Older children can use family paste with 1,350-1,500ppm fluoride so long as you supervise their brushing and make sure they don't eat or lick toothpaste from the tube.
12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- UGLY by nature, a newly launched chemical and fluoride-free toothpaste, is getting attention from its reviewers.
Court records said the accused tampered with the details mentioned on documents of a toothpaste [fit to be used by consumers] to use on documents of another toothpaste that was not fit for human use.
The toothpastes that will be available stateside include White Glo Professional Choice Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste; White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula, which uses micro-polishing particles as well as a micro-wax protective shield to help prevent future stains; White Glo Smokers Formula, a fluoride-enriched product with all-natural diatomaceous earth and micro-polishing particles designed to remove tobacco stains and smokers breath; and White Glo 2-in-l Mouthwash, a double strength whitening toothpaste with a mouthwash base to help fight bad breath.
A better way to brush your teeth is to use baking soda, which is more effective at cleaning and whitening teeth without the side-effects of fluoride in regular toothpaste.
Co-author of the study, Philip Riley, from the University of Manchester in England, said that adding triclosan and copolymer to a fluoride toothpaste will lead to additional benefits, in terms of less plaque, inflammation, bleeding, and tooth decay.
Despite the many types of toothpaste that exist, there are some ingredients common to most varieties.
In particular, the activity, availability, and effectiveness of fluoride is treated from several different angles, as is the influence of user-dependent biological and behavioral factors such as saliva production and toothpaste use pattern.
As such, both fluoride toothpaste and fluoride in drinking water work topically to help prevent tooth decay.
April Gray comes over all sci-fi in the bathroom with an LED whitening toothpaste IT IS National Smile Month and quite frankly, my teeth aren''t up to par.
Because FireFly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste can be squirted directly into the mouth, it minimizes spills, leaks and dried up toothpaste mess on counters and sinks.
WE'RE giving you the chance to pick up a Macleans toothbrush and toothpaste worth pounds 3.
GSK is claiming a scientific breakthrough with a new Sensodyne toothpaste it says is the first to repair sensitive teeth by forming a protective "tooth-like" layer.