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The anterior end of body bears 2 subdorsal and 2 subventral papillae; it also bears 2 toothlike prominences, 1 dorsal and 1 ventral.
It contains patented NovaMin technology, which forms a toothlike layer over exposed dentin to help continually repair and protect sensitive areas.
STRUCTURE: Head: Clypeus elliptoid, extending below bucculae (Figs 2b, 4c, d); frontal plate evenly arcuate, obtusely tapered posteriorly (Figs 2b, 4c, d), extending anteriorly beyond fronto-clypeal suture, sometimes with a toothlike appearance (Figs 2b, 4c, d).
The light source uses the last third of SLAC's 2-mile-long accelerator to speed up electrons and then send them wiggling through a toothlike series of undulating magnets.
This revealed the toothlike mass embedded in the fibrocystic tissue (figure, B).