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To reduce drag between its body and the water, a shark's skin is covered with toothlike scales, called denticles.
Hymenium: Pores when young, splitting to become toothlike and jagged with age; white to brownish, usually with a violet tint overall but especially along the margin; pores angular, 2-4 per mm; tubes 1-5 mm long.
Leaves simple and entire, normally petiolate, rarely sessile, usually opposite, rarely alternate or whorled; stipules absent or small and caducous, almost always with toothlike colleters in axil of leaf, sometimes on petiole, in a cluster adaxially at juncture of petiole and base of lamina or along midrib above, rarely with domatia abaxially in axils of veins.
Larvae hatch from the eggs and use sharp, toothlike mouth parts to shred the flesh and feed on the softened tissue.
Its flat snout resembles a chain saw with dozens of toothlike minidaggers.
If not, use white floor tiles, stones, or another toothlike substance.
Rhyniognatha's chewing mouthparts, or mandibles, are robust and triangular, and they sport toothlike projections, says David A.
Inside their hearts, crocodiles have toothlike gear cogs.