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having or showing prominent teeth

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2013), miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and sudden infant death (National Committee for the Prevention of Smoking, 2007; Genbacev, Blass, Joslin & Fisher, 1995; Toothily, Stewart, Coles, Andrews & Cartlidge, 1999).
And Umlaut"--Charlie turned to the dealer, who toothily smiled his regards--"you're beautiful.
About Zimbabwe I'm trying to talk to Zimbabwe I sit him down, we talk and he listens, cracks jokes over my empty dinners smiles toothily, he giggles breaks into hideous laughter when I mention peace pats hard his thigh, eyes drunk in drunken tears drowning in the crook of each eye He rises fast from my dinner table slaps hot my palms and says, Just there man, just there--you nearly got me, just there and vanishes into the night to the killing fields, where hope like a fine jewel dangles, lynched among bitter fruit.
Cartoons by Thomas Rowlandson, including one that depicts a leering antiquary examining a toothily bespectacled mummy, are vivid realisations of the antiquaries' supposedly macabre interests.
And her full-bodied athleticism, which had made her an excellent waterskier, cast her perfectly as a vamp, or vampire, smiling toothily at her victims in late-night horror movies.
Thin, coxcomb-shaped marcasite aggregates to 3 cm form loose, miniature-size clusters, or protrude individually, toothily, from matrix pieces coated by sparkling white dolomite druses; the marcasite looks entirely fresh and pristine on the dozen or so specimens brought to Tucson by Luis Burillo.
As to him becoming Prime Minister ( it would have been unthinkable, but it happened and this set off a chain reaction of political disasters that ended in a landslide of NuLab with Mr Blair grinning toothily on top of the rubble.
Alan Shearer, slipping into his best creosoting-the-fence mode, offered some affectionate observations, no doubt culled from England trips abroad with Deadly Doug, while Dwight Yorke toothily admitted that the chairman wasn't impressed with him when he decided to leave Villa for Manchester United.
His portrait of Saskia toothily grinning under a large hat reveals how curiously reptilean she looked, especially when she smiled (Dresden Gemaldegalerie).
Suddenly, I yearn to break the spell of splendid isolation, to sweep down like the wolf on the fold and grin toothily at their doorstep.
He sat on a bench in the home locker room, ran a hand through his Huckleberry Finn hair, smiled toothily and said, ``I think I'm going to get a wakeup call in about five minutes.
The outlook for Ila's future is excellent: she's now an inquisitive toddler who grins toothily at her parents and is beginning to walk and talk.