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While they are called toothed whales they only have teeth in the lower jaw that fit neatly into small sockets in the upper jaw.
The pit and other skull features suggest that the ancient toothed whale sent calls out into the water to echolocate objects.
Pulsed sounds (clicks) are believed to be used, as in other toothed whales, for spatial orientation and echolocation of prey (Au, 1993).
The researchers knew that some sounds get to the ears of a toothed whale through a structure called the acoustic window.
So far, we are aware of 11 species of baleen whales and 69 species of toothed whales.
Now, Danish researchers show that the biosonar of toothed whales and bats share surprisingly many similarities - even though they live in very different environments and vary extremely in size.
That's been borne out with killer whales, which are another toothed whale similar to bottlenose dolphins.
Compare the diet of a toothed whale with that of a baleen whale.
Jaw hearing may have evolved in the toothed whale lineage to provide an advantage under certain circumstances, he says.
Using the D-tag on a smaller toothed whale called a beaked whale, Mark Johnson and WHOI biologist Peter Madsen, working in my lab, have been able, for the first time, to record and hear not only the sounds a whale makes when foraging, but also the echoes reflecting off the prey, returning to the whale, and recorded by the tag.
In addition, they've begun testing two toothed whale species to find out what frequencies they hear.
Rather, this particular toothed whale seems more closely related to the baleen whales, despite noticeable outward differences, they report in the Jan.
Nineteen species of cetaceans such as baleen whales, toothed whales and porpoises were known from the area.
Unlike those in dolphins and toothed whales, humpback whale ear bones are fused to the animals' skull, providing a direct link to conduct vibrations in the water through their bones to their ears.
That disappearance may have something to do with the rise of marine mammals such as seals and toothed whales, Mayr said.