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Synonyms for toothache

an ache localized in or around a tooth

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Have you got something for your toothache, my dear?
You will be finding enjoyment in toothache next," you cry, with a laugh.
In fact," said one of the guards who had remained in the chamber and had been kept awake by a toothache, brought on by the dampness of the atmosphere, "my lord has had a very restless night and two or three times, while dreaming, he called for help.
I will just take this bark home and analyze it; for, though it can’t be worth sixpence to the young man’s shoulder, it may be good for the toothache, or rheumatism, or some of them complaints.
She screwed up her mouth as if she had a twinge of toothache and assured me that the wine belonged to the house.
She also, by a felicitous thought, took a handkerchief from her bundle and tied it round her face under her bonnet, covering her chin and half her cheeks and temples, as if she were suffering from toothache.
Its effect upon you is somewhat similar to what would probably be produced by a combined attack of toothache, indigestion, and cold in the head.
When there is no crowd he has toothache, or the sun has just begun to make his nose peel.
All there is of raging passion, mental toothache or mortal threat, raged, gnawed and grumbled in the thoughts of the unhappy prelate.
I had less confidence, but he was the mysterious man whom you ran for in the dead of night (you flung sand at his window to waken him, and if it was only toothache he extracted the tooth through the open window, but when it was something sterner he was with you in the dark square at once, like a man who slept in his topcoat), so I did as he bade me, and not only did she laugh then but again when I put the laugh down, so that though it was really one laugh with a tear in the middle I counted it as two.
Joey thought he had toothache, so I explained what it really meant, and then Joey said, "Oh, I shall soon make him laugh," whereupon the following conversation took place between them:
Thy face shall be wrapped in many rags, for thou hast a most grievous toothache.
Poor Tom has got a dreadful toothache, and I came down to find some creosote for him.
And every time the boots squeaked the elder made a face, like he had toothache.
8) Undercutter and Woodcutter are probably popular names (after the style of Hesiod's `Boneless One') for the worm thought to be the cause of teething and toothache.