tooth socket

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a bony socket in the alveolar ridge that holds a tooth

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Each Diplodocus tooth socket held up to five replacement teeth and one functional tooth, and each tooth was replaced once in 35 days.
A healthy tusk is composed mostly of a hard material called dentin on the outside and living tissues on the inside; it grows from a bony tooth socket located just below an elephant's eye and extends about 1.
Fractured tooth roots were visualized in tooth socket 14, but no obvious oroantral fistula was seen.
The tooth socket had not healed so my dentist encouraged me to go to my GP's because he thought I might have glandular fever, but all the blood tests came back negative.
A study in the British Dental Journal shows that women taking the Pill are more susceptible to dry socket, an infection which prevents normal healing of the vacant tooth socket.
The longer the tooth is out of the tooth socket, the less chance it will have to be treated successfully.
Consequently, published specimens were included in this analysis only when the status of each tooth socket in the surviving dentition was explicitly noted or when published photographs show their status.