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Having been grafted into the tooth socket, the colonies of embryonal epithelial and mesenchymal cells obtained from the tooth bud and oral cavity epithelium began the odontogenic process, thus creating dental structures.
The teeth on the anteriormost elongate plate, on the middle plate of complicated configuration and on the posteriormost roundish plate form disarranged oblique rows, evidenced by the remaining tooth sockets and a few surviving teeth pointing towards the pharynx.
Comparison of beta- dine and normal saline in the irrigation of tooth socket on the complications after surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth.
Each Diplodocus tooth socket held up to five replacement teeth and one functional tooth, and each tooth was replaced once in 35 days.
There's no need to anesthetize the tooth socket with a lidocaine injection.
Filling of an extracted tooth socket by neoformed bone can be used experimentally to investigate the metabolism of alveolar bone under specific conditions.
Let the blood clot form naturally and stay in place in the empty tooth socket.
This eighth edition contains new sections on the healing of the normal tooth socket, the relationship between the pathology of caries and its treatment, and implants, osseointegration, and osteonecrosis.
A healthy tusk is composed mostly of a hard material called dentin on the outside and living tissues on the inside; it grows from a bony tooth socket located just below an elephant's eye and extends about 1.
Fractured tooth roots were visualized in tooth socket 14, but no obvious oroantral fistula was seen.