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a dentifrice in the form of a powder


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In the first, Idris I was poisoned by tainted tooth powder administered by an 'Abbasid client (al-Shammakh), who was rewarded with a political appointment in Egypt.
To find an answer on my own, I collected some railway wheel-shaped lids of empty tooth powder cans.
US 6,635,238 B2: Researchers from the University of Maryland patented a method to treat bacterial dental caries and bacterial periodontal diseases, by delivering a composition to the mouth that comprises an effective amount of at least one lytic enzyme genetically coded for a specific bacteriophage and a carrier to deliver the enzyme to the mouth, gums and teeth (such as mouthwash, mouth rinse, topical gel, topical ointment, toothpaste, tooth powder, slow release implant, slow release coating or chewing gum).
The old-fashioned tooth powder has permanently damaged my gums, and when I washed my hair with soap I looked as if I'd been electrocuted.
Bruno Petrulis, a dentist who developed and marketed an ammoniated toothpaste and tooth powder, which were helpful in preventive dentistry.
200 YEARS AGO: Mr George Bott, surgeon, dentist of New Street, Birmingham, begs leave to recommend to the public his highly approved Rose Tooth Powder (recommended and used by members of the faculty) as the best preservation for the teeth and gums.
Tooth powder and toothpaste containing some kind of mildly abrasive substance, such as finely powdered chalk, and a detergent didn't become commonly available until the early 1900s.
Moreover, recipes for tooth powder and mouthwash which might have been used by the Chastelaine de Vergi offer a unique point of human contact which can do much to |bring the period alive' for students of mediaeval literature.