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Synonyms for toot

a blast of a horn

Related Words

revelry in drinking

make a loud noise

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Toot joined the company in 1962 in its manufacturing operations and then concentrated on the company's business outside the United States.
The Oppenheim Gold Award validates our belief that Toot and Otto is a game with great play value and strong educational benefits.
Sketch Scented Markers is bringing the toots in a bigger way with a new interactive website.
As per details a citizen of Peshawar, who has recently come to Pakistan from abroad has submitted an application to the IGP KPK in which he had complained of depriving him of 20 thousands American dollars by Yaka Toot police with the connivance of a taxi driver.
Clearly, TAPS and TOOTS are pseudo-plurals because the -s is pronounced as [s], as it is in true plurals after P or T (e.
Earlier, the rebels had claimed kidnapping 35 local policemen in Toot and Mughul Abad areas.
This toot has more form questions to produce a more reliable cost estimate based on a student's financial and academic circumstances.
According to security sources, terrorists' commander Mufti Aftab has reached Shah Toot village along with his eight aids where local Lashkar had already launched operation against militants.
These cutters are designed to provide maximum toot life.
Summary: The Social and Cultural Development Association (INMA) and GIS Transport officially launched on Tuesday the "Toot, Toot Project," which is the "first car navigation system in Lebanon.
This is yet another book in a series featuring piggy friends Toot and Puddle.
Built in 1984, and renovated between 1995 and 2003, the 112,000 square toot, three-story office building is located within the Class A Princeton Pike Corporate Center.
The purpose of this letter is not to toot our horn.